Horse Spirit

Some nights ago I had an intriguing dream that seemed to be trying to tell me something. I have been reading a lot of personal shamanic writings over at by the marvellous Lupa, and have been feeling a surging connection to the subtle forces that animals have in my life. It seemed only normal that the dream also involved another spiritual friend, from Austria, who feels the same reverence for natural awe as I. The dream did not last long, but because of it’s lucid nature, left a lasting impression on me. I was left pondering it for a couple days and decided to share it. It went as follows:

I am outside somewhere in what felt to be the pacific northwest, and there are bleak clouds overarching the sky. Kristina (friend) is helping me attach some elk antlers to the roof of a car for a trip. It was just a small car, like the Datsun style from Into The Wild.  Then after mounting the antlers, I collect some horse bones and skull and start cleaning them, ridding them of dried flesh and some green lichen. Kristina starts to scold me and tells me that the bones/skull must be immaculately cleaned in order to keep us safe on our journey. There is a glowing aura around everything, like a veil of light permeating the air, despite the gloominess.

I rarely take dreams literally, but have read in psychological studies and through observations of my own dreams that at times they do seem to have a distorted but relevant meaning. I had just become familiar with the common symbolism of the horse spirit, representing travel. In Mongolia, the horse is their sacred animal that means the travel and has always given them protection. The elk antlers I have interpreted as the means for exploring exotic landscapes. Since the elk is such a majestic and elusive creature, it signified something grandeur to me instead of dreaming of just a deer. I have as of late been contemplating some of my own journeys, and possibly taking a trip to Norway. As well as being able to carry all my possessions with me to be able to move around more. This means I have chosen a somewhat solitary way of living and instead am veering towards being more hermetic, or vagabond. This  can be lonely for some, so I find my company with the animals. By cleaning and looking after what was left of the horse/elk in the dream, perhaps this was a karmic way of saying they are better fit to protect me in rough situations.

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