To Will The Spirit In Transit

To co-exist with my other life projects, these writings will take a direction towards special concepts, more often than not, involving nature, dreams, lucid experience, handmade art, science, prose, walks, & inspirations but not limited too much to a carved niche.

A Feral Spirit is about all things my heart drives me towards. I aspire to address humankind’s sufferings and indifference with a new dichotomy on our relationship with nature. It is a replenishing of an esoteric way of living, to build new sustainability and mutual understanding. It is complete animism and wild worship in the written contexts. This is a vessel for instilling awe or determination towards a healthier fertile life, that rekindles the ancient collective memory. Inspired by intense ritual experiences or outdoor hikes, shamanism, rewilding, plants, wolves and other fauna, art, dreams, music, I seek to portray a pure seeded interest in deep ecology and a magniloquent way of being. This blog is the transmitter, which conveys the power and intensity of excursions into the primal wilds. The artwork and photography utilized is a result of fusion states between the spiritual and the temporal-this is a fertile experiment of life!

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