Fractal Universe

For nature, it may seem at times like an overwrought puzzle of flesh, greenery, interstellar matter, and complex rules, that would throw anyone into a hysteric state just to sit by and watch, but sometimes are absent minded to the elegant secrets and patterns that are buried, concealed, or entwined within. Ancient knowledge has imparted us with such invaluable truths, that reflect an infinite amount of enlightenment of nature’s beauty. We are all creatures of pattern, of habit, and whether we separate ourselves from other sentient life, or any other object for that matter, we are not thus. The inherit quality that we are all connected to everything else is something hard to comprehend, but seems to make more sense, right down to the quantum level.

All the atoms that compose us are linked, with an invisible force, and affecting one, alters another. I recently learned that of all the atoms in the universe, not two can share the same energy level, which describes the multitude of ‘things’ we see every day. Because they are not sharing the same energy, they communicate simultaneously with other atoms to constantly change their state. When you make a fire for instance and produce a high energy state, the entire cosmos reacts to the fire. It is a fundamental concept of quantam physics, that is coming to change how we perceive the world. The sacred geometry in nature are absolute shapes that define everything we know, from cascading mountains, to DNA. For instance, the platonic solids are the repetition of common 2 dimensional shapes inside minerals, and crystals. Every one of them under a powerful enough microscope will yield these beautiful geometric patterns. A spiraled form of ‘golden triangles’ (triangles with relative side lengths of 1, phi and phi) is the same shape as some of the sea dwelling cephalopods like the Nautilus. I also recently found out the importance of fractals in ecology and global ecosystems. The patterned fractal constituents of a single tree alone perpetuates through its entire forest. Meaning the size and length of one of your favorite redwood, or ash, or pine trees, and of it’s branches is closely related to the relative number of trees of a certain size or height in the rest of the forest with a likewise number of relative branches. If you wanted to find the amount of water a rainforest absorbs, you would need only have to find out the amount that can be taken in by one tree & since the trees are not identical, you would use the fractal pattern of the tree limbs to figure out the effect on the rest.

I have paying more attention to insect life as well, and observing their tiniest of features as well I can. I see a reflection in them at times, like they are just a micro version of the human beings I see around me, albeit with a different morphological structure and color. I observed a metallic green beetle seeking for food on a flower, and other hard shelled insects engage in a mating ritual. In nature we can see the many abstract but similar ways in which even primitive life do the same things that we do. Their behavior is mimicked in ours, and ours theirs. It is known that higher mammals like to pay offerings and show affection for their dead. Male birds of paradise go to extreme ends to impress the female breed with displays of color or talent. Wasps construct elaborate hives that rival the architectural grandeur of our ancient temples and pyramids. Deep sea fish and octopus think of ingenious and elusive ways to deceive others while hunting, like using luminescent anglers, camouflage, or scent. The way a dry skinned reptile evolved in the tundra millions and millions of years ago is the same way we evolve now, and we contain the same basic drive for life. What I am attempting to say is that as a human, I recognize myself as a being of degree and not truly of kind. It is inspiring to see how intricately woven and fragile nature is, and yet how perfect, fundamentally simple, and relative it is.

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