Avi Relic

I wanted to make use out of some pelvis bones I had collected from a dead deer, and decided to craft this dreamcatcher-esque. I had found an entire deer spine with two legs/hoofs some ways down a train line and could not let the creature go to waste. The bones still had some mummified flesh dried onto them, but not enough to be a problem for painting. First I took a saw and cut it in half so it would leave me a smaller piece with a flat surface to draw on. Then I spray painted them black. After this I added some designs that were made to resemble the ogham alphabet, with my own unique touch. “Ogham is sometimes called the “Celtic Tree Alphabet”, based on a high medieval Briatharogam tradition ascribing names of trees to the individual letters” I added a rendition of the raven talons cycle on one side, with my art initials :WS: Then I drilled a hole in the top and three at the rounded edge, and attached the feathers with thread. One of the feathers is from a raven, the other a blue jay, the last two either being a sea gull or owl.

(I plan to make more of these artistic guides for those others who like crafting with dead things)

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