Finding Nature & Re:Wilding (Cleansing The Human Domestic)

“Rewilding is about overcoming human domestication and returning to behavior inherent in human wildness. Though often associated with primitive skills. and learning knowledge of wild plants and animals. It emphasizes the development of the senses and fostering deepening personal relationships with members of other species and the natural world. Rewilding intends to create permanently wild human cultures beyond domestication”

There is an underlying concept in most of you who appreciate and long for nature’s true embrace in this modern age. It is not a dogma or religion but an atavistic approach to living called Rewilding. Re: because I believe we have indeed surpassed the point in time when our connection to the nature is now… unnatural. In this poisoned world, especially in the last couple decades, the human breed is taught to worship materialism, false values, lies, career, and religion instead of flourishing with our inherit animistic needs or tendencies towards integration with nature. This is a true struggle for some who either feel the inspiration within them, and cannot find an outlet to express themselves, like those living in suburbia and industrialized areas. Or for those who are in the right climate for their being to grow, but are confused as to how to go further than the cult of nature walks on the weekend or sitting through a wildlife documentary. Thus, I am collecting just an arrangement of ideas, practices, spiritual means, and actions the individual can take to nourish the seeds within themselves to become more of a animistic creature, or at least more understanding and respectful of our biological place within nature.

I: Know your fauna and flora

Specially if you live in a rural region, you can find field guides to local animals, plants, and fungi at libraries or acquire cheap thrift editions for yourself. Get to know the different life that thrives in your area, the relationships between the animals to the plants to the mushrooms, and the habitations each one lives in. Memorize some of the species common and scientific names. There are a copious amount of wild herbs that are edible, that can be found from railway tracks to the deep forest, though beware of poisonous kinds. These can also be used for ayurvedic and healing purposes as natural remedies. It is far better to use organic sources to cure yourself, than processed drugs and medicines from a pharmacy! You shall find the more knowledge you acquire of other life, the more interesting it becomes.

II: Wanderlust

Give yourself a reason to put time aside for nature walks. Either take to the beaches, woodlands, lakes and ponds, mountains, fields or anywhere that seems special for you. It is a deep psychological comfort to be surrounded by nature in the midst of an a stressful existence of distraction. This will bring peace to your mind, and humans need and crave new experience. Do not let the time of day or the weather keep you content to your abode. Do as does the vagabond who travels not in the direction of paved highways, but on the unmarked roads to cultured regions. Not for the sake of travel, but for an escape from your confined space. wander to virgin pathways un-trodden by thine own boots; in the latest hours of the night and see what is has to offer.

III: Primitive & Practical Skills

Tool making, growing and cabin building are supreme ways to be self-sustaining. If you have wild fantasies of living in a cabin, one can attempt at small shelter building. Start with natural shelters using logs in the woods to practice. You can take woodcraft courses in college, and even find basic prints online for small one room cabins. This is truly all one needs. It would be wise to also dig a cellar to keep food cold. All the conveniences in modern life can be altered with a modest life. Take a shower in the rain, or construct a bed from wood planks and furs. Manage a garden with organic food. This promotes the act of actually growing what you eat and knowing where it came from, and less wasting. If you carve, you can craft your own knives, and furniture. If you can sew, try to customize your clothes using thrift store garb, or old materials.

IV: Shed Creativity

If you discover a wellspring of artistic or creative talent, you can vent it in such ways that incorporate nature. If you are morbid like myself, and like to collect bones, fur, skulls, and teeth and made them into talismans and jewelry, this is an ideal way to focus your mind on a task. It enhances your concentration and grows an appreciation for animal after their death, not only in life. You can also pour out your mind onto canvas or sketchbook, and dream up fantastical landscapes or unique portrayals of animals. Nature photography instills new methods of seeing existence, and is loved by all. The self-satisfaction that one receives from individual creation is rarely matched. Or if you have a lot on your mind, you can write books on nature.

V: Alternate Travel

Others might living in places that they are legally aloud to ride horses, like in farmland. This is something I long to do in my lifetime, and would rather never own a car if I don’t need to. Horses can be a social comfort as well, and there is more enjoyment in riding than driving in traffic. Horses are high-maintenance animals but are worth the trade off to a rather unreliable vehicle that breaks down.

VI: Spiritual

Spirituality is a vector to those adept few that can grasp most of what I already mentioned with ease and seek something potent to enhance an already earthy lifestyle. It can be practice in many forms and is personalized to each being in the course that it is taken. Neo-shamanism is an active part of natural culture, and can be used for deep social experiences, or transcending the consciousness into other realms. Meditation and ritual serves a powerful force to control the material and immaterial balance of energy that is contained within and without us. To go deep inside yourself and know what you are, just seems logical as a starting point before making any decision in life.

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