Faux fur hunter gatherer wolf drape

Heavily inspired by the Game of Thrones series, and old shaman culture with a dose of primitive hunter/gatherer look. I made this garment from some faux wolf fear and leather patch. I looks something like a skirt for males, but I also wore it over my shoulders, so I call it a drape.


fur of your choice, real or fake

leather or suede or patch

metal clasps or eyelets and cording


I acquired the fur from a fabric factory, you can probably find one of these wherever you are, they are abundant. Mine was fake arctic wolf fur. In essence I would sometimes rather have faux fur, especially considering it is almost impossible to find natural death, and often furs are from endangered species. It can still carry potent feeling if you are connected to the idea of wearing skins.

Cut the top edge to the circumference of your waist, and the bottom edge 7 inches longer, so it forms to broadening outlay at the base. Make the the space between the base and your hips is going to float over the ground when worn. It can drag of course which looks interesting when walking in the woods, but will get dirty, this is up to you. I cut strips of leather, one on side of which was the texture and a slight earthy brown color. Stitch these on at the top where the 2 seams meet. Then attach the clasps on top, you can use more than two, but they need to have holes in them to fit a needle through.

This will keep them in place, and should be repeated for reinforcement. You can alternatively use cording the goes across the two pieces and pulls tight. Another piece of leather I cut had suede on one side. I painted a symbol adapted from the :wolfsblood: emblem, and changed the runic characters around the outer circle, it reads “Lycanthropic Transformation”. The runes under it reads “Canis”. You can paint your own picture, or use a patch (back patches would suffice) and the placement should be just about the middle of the back of the fur.

Attach the patch with pins to keep it aligned, and use good quality thread and needle to stitch it. The leather is tough and hard to pierce. If you have leather gloves, this would also be recommended. Be patient, and expect to take 6-7 hours by hand or use a machine and be modern. I added belt loops on the inside of the hips to keep it stationary when I walk. I was listening to neofolk and stitched till my fingers bled, and but some of in on the fur by the waist to show. I made a hanging tail that I attached to my waist, which I acquire from the same place. The drape looks like an old garment from the medieval renaissance. You can attach pouches inside if you want to gather plants and bones, or put a book inside.

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