Worshippers of Terra

These are all groups that are activists, artists and writers for the protection, conservation, and replenishment of air, trees, water, and animals (and all other nature) as well as upholding traditional pagan ideologies, spiritual animists, anarchists, biodiversity groups, breeding programs, and educational ambassadors. I support some of these whether it be physically, spiritually, with symbolic adoption or participating in verbal protest. It is the way of the animist to redefine ourselves by the ways of our animal ancestors, our land, and understanding of nature. If you have a reverence for other sentient life, are anti-medical testing, you have plants or a garden, enjoy nature walks, are interested in biology, plan to become self-sustaining, practice any nature worshiping spirituality or only curious to alter your life in a positive way, this is relevant to you. There may also be interesting documentaries here pertaining to nature.

Brinkman Reforestation- tree planting group for northern Ontario and BC : http://www.brinkmanforest.ca/
Treeline Resorestation- tree planting group for northern Ontario and BC: http://www.treeline.on.ca/
UKWCT – symbolic adoption and wolf sanctuary for currently 12 wolves and supporting conservation projects of wild wolves http://ukwct.org.uk/index.php?page=projects

WWUK – symbolic adoption and wolf sanctuary not open to the public http://www.wwuk.org/

Bioregional Animism – journal about identity with place http://www.bioregionalanimism.com/

Green Wolf – shamanic items, art, and pagan costume artifacts made from animal parts rescued from waste as fashion product or trophy hunting http://thegreenwolf.com/

Flight of the Condor – Shamanhood: http://www.kondor.de/indexe.html

Primates Specialist Group – research on the ecology and conservation of hundreds of primate species — monkeys, apes, lemurs and their many nocturnal relatives http://www.primate-sg.org/red_list_threat_status/

BBC Earth – the most comprehensive list of BBC nature documentaries, download them if you can find them: http://bbcearth.com/programmes/

Land Share – For people with land that need users or those seeking land to tend: http://landsharecanada.com/

Anarchist News – self explanatory, anti communist, anti government, anti political: http://www.infoshop.org/

Homesteading/Survivalism – tips, practices, info and inventions for self-sustainability, cabin building, growing, canning, hydroponics, organic food making, survival skills etc.: https://www.facebook.com/homesteading?ref=stream

WWOOF – this is for the UK but it is in many countries. A volunteer run project to help people find work on farms, practice ecologically friendly lifestyles and hands on experience http://www.wwoof.org.uk/

Findhorn – Ecovillages for sustainable living: http://www.findhorn.org/aboutus/ecovillage/sustainable-living/#.UIOglFEYJqB

Incendiary Arts – dispersal of wild botanicals and herbs, essential oils and incense for spiritual growth: http://www.incendiary-arts.com/catalog/
Hamilton’s Pharmacopoeia – travels of a wild drug enthusiast to find exotic medicinal and mind altering substances:http://www.vice.com/hamiltons-pharmacopeia

Green Wolf: Shaman mutt in Portland creating extravagant animal artwork, masks, headdresses and ritual items using found animal parts, taxidermy, fur trade discards, vintage fur, etc. She is also an author of many pagan books http://thegreenwolf.com/

Green Is The New Red: Will Potter, a social solidarity supporter and journalist blogging about how environmental activist are labeled as eco-terrorists. Documenting the corruption in the political system, and enlightenment on global anarchist practice http://www.greenisthenewred.com/blog/

Sensual Animist: A lot of practical knowledge about shamanistic practices, sensuality, animism and eco-psychological articles. http://sensualanimist.com/

Bioregional Animism: poetry, articles, ideas from animistic points of view, philosophy and art, and journal communique. http://www.bioregionalanimism.com/

ATWA Earth: a tumblr to spread information about sustainable living. The ideas of Charles Manson and the A.T.W.A. and the savoir greening project, as well as useful biology, petitions and rewilding tips. http://atwaearth.tumblr.com/

Pacific Wild: Defend the stronghold of wildlife and their habitat on Canada’s Pacific coast by implementing solution-based conservation strategies. Pacific Wild supports innovative research, education, community outreach and awareness for protection in the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest against tar sands infrastructure, and fracking. http://www.pacificwild.org/site/take_action.html


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