The Cyclic Immortality of Stones

Yesterday before I went out for a nourishment walk to a forest trail on the Montreal islands, I found a curious bag of small stones, seemingly from the ocean or river as they were all polished and devoid of dust. I have never had much of a fondness for stones, and with the exclusion of geologists, found it hard to believe certain individuals could have such an obsession with them, but after I spent an hour looking through them. I really began to appreciate what they were. The stones I found were not crystals or possessed with any ‘magic’ properties. I don’t really collect stones for these purposes, even though I am fully aware of the subtle energy fields and history embedded in stones. I stared consciously at the rocks and stones, analysizing their every facet, curve and decay. I began to feel what I was holding was the outcome of perhaps millions of years. There were multitudes of different colors; some pale orange with white streaks, black and white speckled resembling meteor chips, dull pink, brownish coffee colored with odd circles like owl eyes, black like pummus or amonite, white with sickly green fissures like prehistoric eggs, translucent gray, tiger-tailed swirls, rutty brown like deep soil, oceanic gray blue tints, yellowish marble color with stains of blood red, and light brown like leaves without their pigment. Some were shaped like eggs, others like small comets, arrowheads, or coral debris, others even appeared as if they had rock abscesses growing off them.

I stared and pictured where these rocks might have come from. How far they travelled, and what they were made of. I could see the seperate layers of compressed sand, and glinting fragments of shiny crystals in them. Every one of these stone may have been made up by billions of other stones, as they decayed and released sand particles into the air and over aeons made new forms, then these as well being decayed by wind and continuin the process. I held some lighly in a closed fist and up to my third eye, visually the intricate and beautiful patterns on the surface,
and trying to project the same picture to the rest of the word. One in particular a deep limitless black, with floating bands of brown like planets rings. It was calming to stare at imagine this small rounded piece of earth, dissected from a monolith of ancient stone in such a perfect way, showing it’s journey in the concentric lines lain into it. Stones are truly immortal, and it is humbling to think of how many interstellar pieces have lost their ether orbit and taken rest on terra firma. They are like fraktals, in the sense that each grain that constructs them, is similar to its other counterparts.

In China there are traditional rock gardens, where people will go at all hours of the day and watch rocks. Larger rocks are placed in beds of smaller white stones which are raked by the monks into elaborate or repeating patterns. They go to meditate on the rocks, because they represent simplicity of life, and it calms the mind. This has been a common spiritual practice for thousands of years.
My knowledge of rocks, crystals, and stones does not go very deep. I have up till now, a mere vessel, travelling around over and beneath them without really knowing them, but I sense a new relationships with stones in general, relating to the earth element, to know my land of not only my bio-region but the land of the planet.

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