Eco Warrior: A Dedication

Usually in life, I try to match the progress and changes I make to my personal lifestyle mimic that of nature, that is gradually and effectively, not rushed, like proper organic evolution. But it is also true how nature transforms landscapes, climates, and species survival very quickly at times. It would not be far to call these events rare, like natural ‘disasters’ or ambient effects representing a totality of ecological differences, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. I have for the most part live with the acceptance that any moment, these paramount effects of the unpredictable wilderness, and expounded upon human nature could very well take me by it’s embrace and teach me lessons, and this is exactly what it is doing right now. I didn’t really expect a complete shift or re-ordering to actually fall into place, but I have had my life seeminly turned ‘right side up’ from the fragments it was lying in before, as if the entire force that provoked it was negentropic. I recently met my mate, and we are engaged in a long distance spirtual relationshop right now, and this has uprooted some deeper fundamentals for me on what I truly want in this existence On my own terms I did some deep thinking and delineated some the illusions of the cyclic existence I still cling to, and am currently making new dedications and new revelations for my futureto know what I have known, by knowing what needs to be known. this post is basically about what I want to effectually become as unity with my life, through learning, experience, &teaching the trifold method of human growth. I have been absorbing a lot of new enlightenment about botany, self-sustainability, rewilding, conservation and biology over the past year or so, and am confident that nature will provide for me what I need. Referring to the title ‘eco-warrior’, here are some of the projects, primal skills, greening, and building operations I want to see take form over the next few years, for brevity we will say 4 years, one year for each season of nature, symbolical of their inheirt powers, struggles (winter), (uprising) spring, (flourishment) summer, & preservation of… (autumn).

Permaculture: Extremely practical right now in an ever hostile urban survival game against industrial dependencies. We are controlled in our actions on just about everything we do in modern day life, just think about it, at least for ‘normal’ people, the food we buy is made a certain way, we don’t control what is in it, our knowledge of natural remedies in limited too none and big name pharmaceutical companies take over the rights to mother nature’s plants and load them with additives that are harmful to us, most even weaken our physiological structure or immunity to disease instead of cure. Gardening is more popular but not yet common enough in every house. The lack of food composting/reusing of processed materials that took valuable earth resources to make creates more waste, and therefore more exploitation to produce new items. Permaculture is about building self-sustainable centres and regenerating fertile land, anything from a eco-farm harvest, or garden sanctuary, managed using old-world methods like animals, by hand, or altering the soil composition of an entire dry eroded hill, helping rainwater back into the ground to make plant oasis. Treeplanting on beaches or clear-cut forests, and knowledge of the fragile rates of regeneration in nature to ensure when harvests are made the land is not ‘killed’ per se.

Rewilding the human species: Becoming forever less tame, away from the psychosomatic shackles of the domestic menial advent of modern progression. Homo sapiens are advanced apes with the ability to choose, this choice is a duality because we can forever decide to let others live out our lives for us and make all our decisions by sacrficing our will, or take immediate control of our primal needs, and responsibilities. To live closer to nature ‘off the grid’. Making homemade clothes, learning primal hunting skills, making weapons, enriching an appreciation for all species of the earth, not just the glorified ones, increasing a tolerance for the elements, embracing the inner animal. People are creatures of habit, being cycled through the fourfold circuit of dependability, hyper-emotional, territorial, and ego states, and not able to adapt ourselves to what lies beneath all this, reality, and what is truth.

Cabin building: I am very inspired by many people, from several different time periods on the methods of cabin building. The Wolves of Vinland in Northern Virginia, a neo-tribe of heathens, who spent time constructing cabins on their land Ulfheim. When I read Walden by Thoreau, his modest visions of life in his cabin caused a revelation in my perception of shelter, and what is really necessary. I don’t intend to become any sort of hermit type, but want to learn building skills, both modern and ancient over the next couple years to build a cabin(s) in the future. I don’t need a luxury 3 story house with all the modern conveniences to be satisfied like some, this is just a class race and does not have any means for enhancing the quality of life. I have spent time in cabins before, weeks at a time experimenting what it is to be without technology, and barely have any fancy things at all right now. I would like to try out different styles, like Asian style feng shui, Native, Modern dual or tri rooms, most likely in Scandinavia. To substitute electricity, would be a solar alternative, and lake filtration or deep well.

Animal husbandry: Ever since setting my eyes on livestock at very young in the northern towns of Ontario, I wanted to work on a farm, feeding goats, sheep, steer, etc. My knowledge of animals is mostly behavioural and biological, but through my spirituality and light-shamanism using totemic bonds, I am always building stronger core relationship with other species. We live on the same planet, yet some act as if they are unwelcome intruders and exploit them as if they owned them. Humankind’s general ignorance of our faunic ancestors, and sentient counterparts has become ever worse since they became ‘unimportant’. I wish to live in harmony with, protect and learn from livestock, but also the exotic kinds that live in different bioregions. Also to treat them as ethically as possible if the means for them would be travel, or agriculture, like using horses instead of gas vehicles, goats for milk, and ox/yak instead of mechanized field machines. I always get when I see a new animal in the wild, even if it is just an insect or miniature fish.

Conservation: My own studies of biolgy, which have opened many new portals of scholarly discipline of anything related to life (minus our kind), from zoology, microbiology, behaviour, evolution, ethology, but perhaps most practical and deeply interesting for me is conservation. I desire to keep on protecting, maintaining and create rich landscapes and habitats, where flora/fauna/fungus can thrive. These, without so many ecological wounds like habitat segregation, deforestation, reaping, irrigation for dams, slaughter. pet trade, medical research, fashion, etc. These so called ‘beneficial’ practices are in fact the most dangerous to upsetting the natural balance of nature, the most immediate causes for suffering, and also extinction. It is deeply important to me to keep all of this from happening and for this it involves massive movements not only myself and my mate. Protest groups, activists, animal welfare or rehabilition, sanctuaries, scientists all have a their own niche in driving the nails into the heart of the ‘animal enterprises’, sport hunting, logging and factory farming that are supported by capitalist government regimes globally. I align myself with these groups and ideologies, not strictly to rebel, but most importantly to connect and I would be doing it even if conservation was uncommon. People are more likely to save what they find beautiful, and what they know so the increase in awareness. Thus, I continue to write journals/books/and join or support groups for this cause. Related to all this see my other post

The statements made are for the now, but the meaning is flowing. Also now after finding my mate I am discovering new ways or personal reflection than I did on my own. None of this can be done without the self, love, and for those that deserve it, and this would be the last thing to add to the list, to love more. I did an earth meditation tonight again to dedicate myself further to these things, and it will be interesting to see the progress in a few years from now.

2 thoughts on “Eco Warrior: A Dedication

  1. Wolves of Vinland are not anarchists. They are a white separatist / odinist wolf cult (that’s what they call themselves). They are as far from anarchist as possible.

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