The Centurion Method: Initiation in the Woodss

Depending on who you associate with, it may be possible that you will soon be hearing of a new fitness routine, called the Centurion Method, invented by Craig Fraser. This man is a natural fitness guru if you will, and has been cultivating a series of workouts and techniques geared for the wild ‘barbarian and spearwife’ adepts. Those who wish to refine their body with rigorous training, and conditioning oneself to nature’s finest process of natural selection.

From Cave Craig…

The Centurion Method is a Revolutionary Training Program for the Post-Apocalyptic Hominid. We seek to create human beings cast of iron and cooled in blood and sweat.

…seeks to emulate their training pattern, taking inspiration from the Greek Hoplites and the Soldiers of Rome to create a fitness regime that tests the applicant to their utmost limits. We focus on training that is useful, practical and natural, the lynchpin being our R.E.A.L. system”

Craig uses the REAL system to hone the skills, stamina, and dedication of the animal in human. Churning up the settled dust of our bodies, and the physical capabilities that have long been tamed, suppressed or ignored in favor of entertainment, convenience, and luxury. Forging a new being, truly living to the full.

R. REALISTIC. Training should be useful in a real world survival situation; can you carry an injured partner? Can you move long distances with little food and water? Can you move through wilderness with damaged limbs, quietly and stealthily?

E. ENDURANCE. The system focuses on quick movement over long distance, carrying heavy weight, just as the Romans were required to carry 30kg across 30 miles in a day.

A. AGILITY. The horrors of first century battle would have required soldiers to be fast, light on their feet, and above all able to jump, climb, crawl and fight for long periods without rest.

L. LOYALTY. Community bonds are what made the Legions so affective; brotherhood in the face of adversity was the only way to survive in such harsh situations. Training is focused on team activity, assistance, camaraderie and friendship.

I decided to buy the training manual that has a wealth of 100 routines start later this month. While I wait for the book I did a short forest excursion and sought out what could be useful in introducing my body to new stimulus that would be needed for the Centurion Method. I am very fond of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, but never was much into physical extremes, so this is entirely new to me. I think it would be useful when I have to become more self-sufficient, or solitary camping, and homesteading. First I did some flow yoga in my room then this is what I did in the period of an hour.

25 log lifts over head

32 horizontal pushups on dead tree

40 angled pushups on stump

3 turnovers of tree starting from top and ascending hands until it stood

20 lifts of felled tree

100 crouches holding medium size stone in goddess yoga pose

15 crouches with broken tree on shoulders in same pose

1 rock toss and 1 log toss of 10 feet

I have not been able to see the ‘workout proper’ so to speak, so this was just a taste, but even with these and a short walk through the woods while looking for available resources, I felt the endorphins building up and felt better mentally, and bodily. My body type is not built for any kind of broad-chested berserker form, and I don’t even like muscle but I look forward to what I can do to become closer to nature on her more aggressive scale and reform the self according to her law.

update: all centurion method workouts and various other primal fitness can be found on my sideblog with my mate

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