The Seed of Creativity

If you want to know more about the person animal I am, and think a conversation or more is at hand, look into these outer journals and outlets that I also keep.

For my philosophy journal, which is a mine of other ideological/self-reflective/learning texts and speeches enter here:

My self published library of written books, including things I have written for the Rune Gild and :Galdragildi:

Old Cvlt Nation posts:

I am a photo fiend, and love to explore the land, see the animals and capture important moments in my life. A lot of wilderness, concert photography, folk events, urban abandonment, travel, fauna, and occult arts like yoga:

Author page on WotanKlan

Handwritten black metal zine:

& a fitness blog with ancestral craft, my evolving workout method ‘Pillars of Ygg’, paleo recipes, and skills

My first foray into ‘published’ travel writing on Myadzo, a new site that is a fusion of lonely planet, instagram and trip advisor. This is my author page:



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