First Fasting

In many shaman cultures and secret societies or religions, the custom of fasting in commonly held as a strong belief or initiation rite. Words have been spoken of the spiritual or transcendental aspects of food offerings or food sacrifices, to deities, extreme forms of asceticism, or symbolic of the anti-material self. I decided I would try a short fast just to see what would happen.

The plan was to sustain myself on sheer reserves for two days, on only tea and coffee. I wanted the organic herbs in the tea to supplant my food supply, and the coffee would help me suppress the hunger. I had tea with lotus extract, a detox tea, and an ayurvedic tea altogether, and coffee with soy milk. At first I was half expecting to experience more sensory music listening, which did happen to a degree and probably would have increased If I did a longer one. I also though I might experience more lucid dreams, but alas, did not because I rarely dream. Perhaps there is not enough dopamine in my system, or my mind has too much thought from the days left over and goes on functioning during the nocturnal hours. I did however seem to connect with the animal, which is why I place this in the otherkin section. I believe this could be interpreted as a totemic relationship because by denying myself the food, I felt within, physiologically and mentally, the constant need for food that an animal needs. Being a privileged homosapien with grocery stores and all-season food available at almost any time of day, we get carried away with what is essentially primal to us, and take advantage of these needs. This is directly why there is so much unhealthy and non-nourishing food, developing from monoculture and processed food. It is no longer sacred to us, and we should hold it as such. Food is sacred, because food is growth (devoid of any pseudo-soul meaning here). If we don’t have it we’re fucked. A quote by Les Stroud repeated through my head several times, “Do you want to taste the best food in the world?, Just try going two days without it” After 36 hours I felt that I could have experienced all I really wanted, even though an astral out of body effect could have been had if the conditions and atmosphere were different. I had a proper meal after 38 hours. I did however find peace whilst on a walk in the park, sitting on an isolated rock in the dark with minimal clothing and the wind whipping around. I was more aware of my place in space, and this was maybe the most enlightening of all. I could feel things and was more rooted to the soil I walked on, the sensations of the cold, the sight of water glistening under a waning moon, the broken leaves tearing the fabric of the air, and the stillness when I closed my eyes. All of it was very nice

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