Salvia Divinorum experience

kaleidoscopic-1The salvia herb, the divine plant is Mexican born, in the high Sierra Mazatec. A totem of the Shaman tribes in that bioregion. The leaves are gushing with Salvinorin A, the molecule that is the spirit horse, the traveling inner medicine to other planes. So it is told anyway. It is used modernly as a psychedelic and aroused many polar opinions from use. My first intake of the Salvia Divinorum was a light dose, about 1 tenth of 1 gram of 10 x extract. I smoked it, but have been told it is good as incense as well. The smoke was fairly clean, and the come on was quite sudden. My limbs felt embedded with new energy. I did not experience any hallucinations or anything ecstatic, but did feel very confident, talented and creative. I took to playing my didge whilst my mate was chiming a singing bowl and drum which put me in a very peaceful state, yet full of vigor. I will definitely try using a heavier dose next time, and keep lighter doses for times when I need the extra wakefulness, like hiking or playing music.

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