They Told Me to Use Them

These are the archaic sigils I drew for my flesh hook suspension. They were to be painted on my body with henna, but it did not come out dark enough. I had tried with the first drawing on making a bindrune shape with animal totems around it on four corners but felt I was not adopting their symbolism very well, and had to search deep inside for what the forces in my life were really present and how I could put them into form. The second drawing is the archetype of those energies.


The bindrune is two kaun, one algiz, two ur, two fe, hagall or gipt, and iss. The mother goddess is the divine feminine, the creationist and balancing identity of me, my anima. The shield is for the defense against enemies and fending off opposition (protection rune on front), and the sword for the tendencies to take what is mine in life, moving through the land and claiming what I need. The plant is the Ayahuasca, but is for knowing the practical, medicinal, and spiritual uses of all flora in my bio-region, and experimentation with shamanic substances. The huts is meant to be a cabin, and survival the flame, which is my ongoing quest of learning the right skills, gathering resources, and getting in tune with permanent natural living. The wheel is the cycle, and the moons could represent the nightside, the darker fabric of my being that revolves on itself. In the center is the wolf paw, my animal spirit. The top left drawing was meant to be for the winter season, but is only ephemeral.


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