Wulf And Dream


I felt the need to share this beautiful painting made by a past lover for me after recently being told from a woman that I have been close who lives in Arizona, that I appeared as wolf in one of her dreams! . The repetition of this happening is quite intriguing. With my first mate, she did not dream of me as a wolf, but we often lost ourselves to animistic desires, growling and intimately playing like wolves. My second lover, Ishtar, after meeting me in person, started calling me Wolfshaman, which I have used as my spiritual/author name since. She had lucid dreams three nights in a row where I was in wolf form, she being a witch and I stalked and devoured her, each night more lustfully and fiercely. Sinmara, my she wolf has envisioned me as in lupine form in dream fetish, and we call each other wolf/shewolf naturally. The same avatars and fetches are appearing in our relationship. I don’t fully what to make of all this yet, but my totem spirit is the wolf, and I have continue using it as the fetch/primal personality for Teutonic/Germanic traditionalism, as wulf being a sacred animal of Wodanaz. It is yet another psychological reverence and apotheosis working through my life.

this is my offering this month for the “Human Mating & Dating” of Animist blog carnival


7 thoughts on “Wulf And Dream

  1. May I link to this or the cuffs you made for the human mating & dating issue of the animist blog carnival?
    Please visit http://lifthrasirsuccess.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/death-issue-of-the-animist-blog-carnival/ to see what last month’s was like. We have quite a few rewilders like Miles Olson and the man who invented the term rewilding, Jesse Wolf Hardin, now and Lupa had been involved since the beginning.
    You have a lot of good stuff here that I think people ought to read. Next month Dec 1st is animism and religions and the month after that Trees, then animist ethics and then March 1st Dreams. Much of what you write would connect nicely to huge diversity of animist writings. The hosting blog just links to your blog post related to the topic (images are just as desired as words) and your blog post just has a link to the ABC homepage.
    Also Wolf asked me if any animists I know have anything for the outlaw herbalist magazine Plant Healer.

    • Yes you can link this for your animist blog, and the cuffs article, I would be honored. The cuffs were created with the sentiment of BDSM behind it but it does always symbolize the pack dynamics of the relationship, with the wolf and she-wolf if you will. This is my lover and I called each other at the time. Your inquisition comes at a good time, as there has not been much attention here, leading me to think I wasn’t fulfilling the role of teacher. I will be in the north for the winter planting trees, and then East USA for some cabin and hof projects, so there will be more writing to pour over. “Outlaw herbalist”, this sounds intriguing for sure. I have a couple herbs that I am connected to, and regularly go out in my bioregion to photo and identify different herbs and forage for medicines/entheogens for cooking or spiritual use. I may like to contribute to that, do you have more on what it would entail?

      • Super. I am seeking to get as many voices worldwide as I can so animism is recreated by PRACTICING animists.

        Plant Healer is http://planthealermagazine.com/. Check the submit page. Wolf just sent me an old long, long writing about rewilding as he invented it. Here is a link to some of his stuff. He has spent over 20 years rewilding a very remote left for dead canyon.

        I’m in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont if you find yourself in this very rural neck of the woods. animistblogcarnival@gmail.com.

        Please add a link on these two pages to the Animist Blog Carnival: http://lifthrasirsuccess.wordpress.com/animist-blog-carnival/

      • Greets Heather, how close exactly is St. Johnsbury to where I am staying in January? I will be there following the second week with a lady friend on her land. I am no longer with my mate whom I made the cuffs for, she is a past lover. I am a pack wolf, but alone.

        > Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 15:00:09 +0000 > To: braydon_99@hotmail.com >

      • I use some plant as allies for galdor and seidr as well as for poison, either in physical form or used in a stave but I will keep these tomes in mind. Before I do anything I must first get to know my environment. I have not really been in one place for more than a few seeks since March. I will be in Northumbria soon, allowing for more exploration and magic and communication with the landvaettir.

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