As of February 18, I became an apprentice of the Galragildi. A school of Icelandic/Germanic history, Rune practice, Stadha and Seiðr. I shall be finding my place within the Gild hearth first, the sect of the Galdragildi that advocates the integration of elder European folkish heathen traditions. The resources available to me in the next few months will allow me to pursue many long sought desires and skills (idrottir). I will be living in the forests of North Ontario and Manitoba, honing my wilderness abilities, studying the Galdragildi curriculum and Icelanders’ sagas (Íslendinga sögur), and discovering some of the latent energies within me that have been tame for years. My body (lik) is the vessel in this new seed, and my spirit (Hamingja) will be the immaterial force that drives it. There are plans of mine to either attend the summer (sumaraz) at the end of June or the Yule moot in December (Hrútmánudhr). I am heavily looking forward to meeting other members of the gild and strengthening some very powerful relationships, enhancing my totemic spirituality, and knowing intimately the godhead that is found within.

The Galdragildi advocates self initiation, and has members from other countries beyond their axiom in Michigan. Thus I have ideas in mind for a ritualistic setting to take place in May that will ground my presence. I will film it, and put it here at a later time. My eternal kindred honor to Gandvaldr Bláskikkja for the contact and privileges. If you want to know any more of the gild, this is their website. http://groandi.org/

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