Lately I have had an increasing obsession with a wide scope of art, and progressing towards smithing, such as wood carving/burning, metal etching, and hopefully this spring, forging! Here is something I tried out with my new knife, it’s the Bear Grylls one, a solid blade with the teeth at the hilt. I carved my name in runes WOLFSHAMAN.


Here are the Birch and Furze Ogham staves and Celtic knot, done with wood burning tool (pyrography) tumblr_mjir5wPwLM1s5roa8o1_500Staves on a raven skull and deer bone splint. The top one is Ansuz, the wisdom of that which is hidden, identified with the same glyph of ‘odhroerir’. The raven is Odin’s totem, also being the avatar of the mind and memory. Through knowing the rune of :Ansuz:, the cerebral and clairvoyance is focused. The other one is an Icelandic magic stave Óttastafur, it was used in the Teutonic era to ‘induce fear’, I don’t know how much of its meaning is still preserved today.


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