Spring Equinox Berkano Ritual

Here is a transmission of animistic wod, consumed and actualized in the form of earthen ritual on the night of the Spring (Lenten) equinox…

I wanted to pay tribute this equinox to the mother Goddess that is the wellspring of new life in the land. Berkano :ᛒ: I have done light rituals, they were based on the gathering of kindred with fire/mead or wine drinking and assemblage with nature. This year I was on my own, so took upon an ordeal of mutual dynamism the with elements and the cycles pertaining to seasonal change. As I have recently relocated into a different bio-region, my tributes were due to pay. All of the organic items I have collected over my time in the previous place were gathered together, with the rest of my food stock. This included vines, dead plants, pine cones, feathers, twigs, a birds nest, small bones and a moose femur, a deer skull, and acorns amongst other things. The food was mostly fruit and some vegetables, as well as salt, coffee, bread, and flour.

The ritual commenced by walking through the ankle high snow to the Saint Lawrence river near where I had lived. I had a couple favorite spots near the reservoir which was parallel to the rapids. It was after dark, which was needed for the relative  silence I desired although I did have music. Listening the the Runaljod – Yggdrasil album of Wardruna, all the objective multiverse became the fabric by which I drew currents for the microcosmic, which in turn were expelled as my work and expressions there. The music was meditative, humbling, and a sense of pensiveness came over me as I draped the long hood over my face and sit deep in the snow. Food was given, tossing random pieces of fruit into the trees and reeds, while I made a barrow of the vegetables, from those that grow underground and covered with snow. The nest was returned to the tree, giving home. Then the bones, the moose femur and deer skull were thrown into the open water of the frozen river. This done in the tradition of Teutonic tribeswoman, who would sink weapons/tools/food into a bog or well for offering to the land spirits. After throwing the deer skull in the water, something very weird happened which I came to know later as I had filmed it but had the music in my ears and could not hear. A sound, not like that of a man for I was too far from the road, but like a bestial animal sound. I don’t know what it was, only that is sounded like a wail, neither guttural, nor nasal, but coming from the throat. The water was clear of disturbance which meant it could not have been a duck or fish, and I am still left confused. They were hard items to part with, but after thinking of their new placement within the land, it was satisfactory to me to let go of them. I thought it deeply interested that they may be swept by the torrent to a far distant coast, and discovered by someone else for new use.  My DNA was exchanged with nature in the form of nails and hair. During the song IngwaR, the chanting put me in a trance, and without heed I was running back and forth along a snowy slope with my staff raised. My body began to vibrate with intense rhythmic pulsations, and immediately my Kundalini rose up and out of the crown of my head until I was only the seer of my own flesh form activity. I drew to one knee panting in exasperation, feeling cold, dark, but still. I then threw my staff into the waters as well, burned with the Futhark on it’s birchen surface. I realized later that where I sat to meditate first was directly in the path of a coyote! The tracks came directly off the ice sheet, and followed up the hill I was on. I did not notice these upon walking down as it was quite dark. My energy was then quite sapped, and it hit me hard, but I felt a deep catharsis from the experience.

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