Treeplanting Sagas Chapter 2

Each day is a penance to the earth, the ritual and routine is the great work. Here is the outline of a tree planting day for me.

I Wake at 5:15 and cook a vegetarian breakfast of groats with seed/nut/fruit mix, make day meal of vegetables, protein, grains, treat, tea, coffee and water,
Hailing the day/Dagaz galdr, at the lake with sun salutations and yoga, and setting intentions
reading  Gurdjieff or Vedic archetype book on drive in
walk in for our piece, bag up 600 trees and plant, then a light meal
think on runes during the day for any obstacles to overcome
600 more trees then main meal with coffee/medicinal drink
one box(600) or half box then remaining of meal,
plant any bundles (25) needed for rest of day
walk out of forest and travel back to lodge
swim in the lake
full course meal, tea and small snack before sleep
reading and gild study
write in journal
sleep at 10:00

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