Treeplanting Sagas Chapter 3

Tramping on to my third lodge in a ghost town called Lost Channel, we were located halfway between Sudbury and North Bay. Situated beside a lake for with scattered cabins around the fringes. The planting here did not last long but alas, it brought me into new levels of physical mastery. The land was unaffectionate and harsh on the body, and I was still struggling with an injured foot from the last contract. The exposure to the black flies was a test of patience, having them crawl all over your face. I made my personal best here in some brackey swamp land, planting 2575 trees in one day. Many times I had to stop in land and observe my self from the outside. To deal with the bugs, I would try to think of myself as a moose or a wild animal. Strengthening my hugauga on Thor’s Hammer and Thor striking the earth with his hammer, fertilizing the ground. I would just pound into the earth with my shovel and keep moving, with Mjollnir in mind.

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I had enough personal time to resume the Centurion Method training, the first session of which I did at and abandoned homestead in a fire circle pit. I found a hidden outlet for swimming away from the main lodge which I called me own. Some pre-planting nude swims in the cold water was truly a cleansing and revitilizing experience. The pre season is now over and I am making the travel to Winnipeg, where I will start tenting, which means no more lodges or cabins. I have never been to Manitoba and heavily anticipate the scenic countryside.

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