Wildrune stadhas part 2

Sowilo (sow-wheel-oh) One arm bent at elbow raised above head to the right, the other in opposite position, below waist, and switching their placements in one fluid movement. With the rune rune stadha the stave revolves on itself, like the zenith of the sun. I practiced this just after dawn at the highest place of the land I could find. This way, seeing the suns rays over all the landscape. Sowilo spoken sounds like a circle of words, again the revolution of the sun and light. During my stay in Lake Elsinore county of California, I was near to the clay dunes and scrublands. The area is dry most year round and totally exposed to the fire of the sun. Sowilo is a constant presence and controls not only the plants there but even to some extent peoples lives, when it becomes too hot to even be outside. When I climbed the hills it was apparent how strong the light was, with nothing to shelter you from it. The merkstave of Sowilo also had the counter effect, being so barren and away from unnatural light, the sun would be the only source of light to count on (besides the moon). I perform a swinging version of the stadha, with left or right arm raised and the other below the hips, then crossing each other over. This is the cyclic nature of deosil, the path the sun takes through the worlds. The Sol galdr, or Soh-wheel-oh is like a rotation, or a ball of energy revolving on itself. The seed sound also contains the word wheel, the most ancient pictograph of the Sun cults.

Hagalaz: The archaic form of Hagalaz, which resembles a star pointed stave with four directions is the container of all other runes. Thus it is inclusive and cosmic. Aldis and I did this one in a watery cave in the Bioregion of the Tahoe National Forest. It is strewn with boulders and torrents, with a very primal-eqsue landscape. Inside a cove, was a small aperture, appropriate for Hagal, that comes out of the darkness. This was the runic womb, and the outside world representing the macrocosm. :Hagalaz: is the axiom of transformation and extreme places in nature, and I would think it safe to say both of us felt very intense energies and personal development from being there. The stadha is pointing to the corners of the universe, drawing energy from everywhere, and concentrated in small kernel in the centre.  The galdr of :H: are 3 open syllables encircling the seed sound of Ansuz, the ginn spirit at the beginning of creation, Ha-Ga-Laz.  The louder it is intoned, the more powerful it is, in my opinion.

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