Garden build in Lake Elsinore


While in Riverside County, I built a garden for Sam Zermeno and his wife Amanda. I leveled out the soil which was slanted upwards towards the fence, in order to let the water have a reservoir. It is an extremely hot climate where he lives, and most plants are either bone dry, or succulent plants that retain enough water to survive. Then I lined the garden with Eucalyptus logs, and wreathed them with soft green plants, some bearing herbaceous flowers. I added candles for illumination at night and a bobcat skull that had not seen the light of day for a while. The skull is like the animal spirit of the garden, watching it for pests. I built it under the influence of the music of Blood of the Black Owl with healing and spiritual intent. Soil magicians calling spirits for the rise and shine of Sundrojan! It is a mark of our comradeship, and I look forward to seeing it bear many fruits and food for them.

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