Skjalfhenda (Shivering Rhymes): Tribute to WoV

This style of poetry is similar to Drottkvaet. According to Snorri, Invented by Thorvald Veili after being shipwrecked on an outlying skerry in the cold ocean. I have written this one as a tribute to the WoV, HTW! (I am not part of the tribe, but take great inspiration from their cultural affirmation, and neo-tribal ideals) The meter is determined by:

-Symmetrical stanzas of 8 lines

-Each line contains, three stressed staves

-Main stave is first stave in even lines

-At least two staves in odd line must alliterate with main stave and alliterating sounds in a line must only be separated by one syllable.

-Last stave in odd line must precede an unstressed syllable

-6 syllables in each line

-1st and 5th lines of the stanza must have two skothending syllables, one coming at the end of the line. (skothending have different vowel but same end consonant)

-Remaining lines must have two adalhending syllables, or full rhymes. (Adalhending rhymes have same vowel but dif. consonant)


Vinland wolves roam wild

When on Appalachian

Blackened by the brave staves

Begot by ginn giants

Horn and death hide they bore

Hexes in blot are wrought

Blood oath bespeaks Odal

Bane of him who is lame

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