Pillars of Ygg

tumblr_mk9nb3V2NQ1qbmgeto1_500Pillars of YGG

In the maw of the dark, during a praetorian workout under a runestar night, the Pillars of Ygg were raised from the wod-store of the collective unconscious. Hunting Moon, Moonday the 7th is the day of it’s creation. I am giving life to a new training method, dedicated to the forms of Asatruar, Runa, the Einherjar, the Old Gods, and the proud folk oathed by the Nine Noble Virtues. Heavily inspired by the C.M., Sigurd and Operation: Werewolf. The watchwords of this method are ‘Living Tree’, of course alluding to the might of the world stead, the cosmic pillar, the axis mundi, tree of life, all in one, one in all. Man’s evolutionary growth on the Odinic path is one of test and tribulation, one involving confrontation of the extreme parallels of life. Yggdrasil is the vessel to other worlds, surpassing the sub-par state of the tamed creature who goes about life like a domestic sheep without aim or meaning. By the strengthening of its branches, one learns to erect themselves even in the harshest environments and conditions. You are the pillars themselves, and Ygg is the emblem of your Tru self, which must start out as a seed but given the space, and food grows into the most adaptable and awe inspiring of living entities.

Pillars of Ygg will be a side project of mine, forged and actualized in the hearth of my mind that enflares my will to progress, productivity and mythical reality. The tripartite nature of each practitioner will be given equal attention; the spirit soul (sál), the body (lík), and mind, or Odhic force. A particular focus will be placed on the constant sacrifice needed to overcome, such as Wotan’s suffering and initiation at the wind-rocked tree. A part of you must be offered before commencement. Think workouts tailored to the Rune staves, with Blót and Galdrar as pre-training initiation. Einherjar style fitness in wild lands, survival techniques, Runic Hvel/Cauldron working, Glima, Rites, specialized Stone/Bronze/Iron age diets and authentic Viking recipes to maintain supreme health, and the kindred of your Valkyries/Einherjars to keep you in check at all times. A localized moot, would be expected for those living in the same area, to undertake these workings as a communal whole. The condition of the tree itself is the Þing judgement. Will you let other people cut you down, take your fruits, and wither in rough climate, or raise yourself above the canopy that is the mundane, spread your leaves into all corners of Midgard, and expel your own magic from the roots of your foundation. Fundamentally, it is an animist based training program. This is the way of life our Forebears preserved for centuries, and if we are ever to reclaim our noble place in nature’s steed and an existence worthy of respect, we must peer off the Thulean seat of Hlidskjalf and realize, there is more to this life.

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