To Build a Nauth-Fyre, and Burn your Fetters. A Cleanse.

Performed a cleanse ritual last night to the night rhymes of Hexentanz and Blakkr Seidr
First building the need fire, for the banishment of negative accumulation and dis-ease that have come from the past month and half. Warding myself and the ritual space with the smoke. Beginning with a silence and reflection, inhaling the wild incense from the reindeer moss and deer hair. The Varðlokkur to invoke the dark inspiration, the secret Plant of Power that rise and awake the consciousness. Intoning 3 norn-runes that I drew over two weeks ago in a Thursian trance. Inverted Elhaz, Thorn, and Laukr, stacked three times. A black mantra, symbolically cutting at the tines that bound my energies from limitless freedom, and carving anew. I galdored the glyphs at different speeds and vibrations, allowing them to naturally speak through me. As I chanted Laukr and Kargyr throat singing during the song ‘Loke Fredanar’ it began to drizzle. Nál/Laufey and Fárbauti, Seta in the rain with the fire and the nocturnal thunders. I took the runes from the wyrd-weavers themselves, those mothers and maidens and crones, and they knew, they knew what I needed. Invoking the heiti of Woden; Farmagnudr, Fjellgeigeidr, Hoptsonir, Kjallar, stitching their seed sounds together as one drawn out incomprehensible word. Then sitting again in silence, after the Mykjask Uteseta. The quiet needed to hear the fygja, and the abstractions peeled away to project myself into it’s wolfish hamr. seeking of your personal Dyrmegin, your Animal of Power, to Invoke the currents of the Járnviðr, to appease your Hugr after a long Óður or trance.

All of these associated texts I had not known before the ritual, only reading them afterwards. It seems that I was entirely subject to the music, the nightly darkness and the quietude of being alone. I feel that the Reindeer moss and Old Man’s Beard fungi, may be a future magic ally, as it grows abundant around here, and has many medicinal, practical and nootropic effects on it’s own, with a history of use to match. My need fire did not actually light, for it had been raining almost constantly here, so I resorted to stoking it with artificial means in the end, but kept the flame burning long enough for my means. Here is some old Teutonic prose about the need -fire, an ancient remedy of cleansing, banishing sickness, and plague. I made slight variations, using spruce wood, and hair and moss for tinder, taken from the woods, not the house.

On a day appointed, no flame must be left in the hearth, and the man shall make a nothfür. Strawm water and brushwood shall be brought from every house. An oaken stake is driven into the ground and a hole bored through it, to which a wooden roller smeared with pitch and tar forced in, and winded about, until by stress and nothzwang (heat), it gives fire. This is caught be the shavings, straw, heath and bushwood, till it grow to a full nothfeuer. The folk must walk through or be covered in the smoke to be cured


2 thoughts on “To Build a Nauth-Fyre, and Burn your Fetters. A Cleanse.

    • It is from Jacob Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology. The excerpt was included in another book which I was reading entitled ‘Spaebook: The Witegungseld Spá and
      Oracular Seiðr Manual’ by Swain Wodening.

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