Saga rune


This neo-rune is about the Northern story, the Saga. As with almost all epics throughout history they were all part of a greater oral traditons first. In Iceland where the day is sunken in darkness for over half the year and winter when the sun never rises. The only thing to do would be telling stories in the mead halls or around the hearth. Surely the Germanic peoples would have had a rune for this, or something like it. For this reason I wan’t to create one to serve the purpose of the story telling tradition. But it is also the book in physical form, that is traded or bought. The great work of a prolific writer who has put down on vellum or paper his translation of a story to retell it. Or an epic work of semi-historical fiction, like Beowulf, or A Song of Fire and Ice.

The message of the story is one of the most dynamic in people’s psyche, so the Saga rune is one of conveying imagination, and visual pictures from the written word. It is the narrative, and mythos of a tale or great event or persons life. The saga rune is a sign of a ‘civilized’ and more importantly cultural age, when the dire need of survival was easier, and left room for more creative endeavours like writing literature. Saga rune can be intoned before starting a book (more typically Scandinavian fiction, or Teutonic folk legendry) or writing one of your own to ensure to yourself you will also finish it. It is translatable, like the oral story passed down from one person to the next, thus one  story can have many versions, because of the saga rune influence.

Associated with women, who were the main compilers of the Sagas, they stayed at home and maintained the hof and household while the men went to hunt, or go a viking. The women would then hear their stories and scribe them, during the 11th and 12th centuries. Still today though there is a balance of male and female writers from the increase in leisure time, it is usually women who are considered more pensive and creative. The karls, and Jarls, who were the heroes and noblemen are the most repeated subjects of the old stories. A practicing Vitki who lives off the grid, and is self sustainable, or has highborn blood in their family may find sense in this Saga rune. The glyph is made up of the pages of a book and the ase-mouth. Use for endeavors of writing, reading and the spoken word (oral tradition).

As with my other ‘neo-runes’ they are part of an inventive mythology, which as a heathen who both lives in the 3rd millennium and embrace the 1st. The raidho wheels of creation don’t halt or reverse it’s tracks. Feel free to use this rune for your workings or magic, and like any decent heathen, give some credit.

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