Testament to my Gild

I have several personal projects, and initiative endeavors underway. I wish to use this platform to make the wyrd ways known, and give them finality, that they shall be done in true dedication and focus to the gild.

Third Ætt apprenticeship: It has been nearly 8 months since my apprenticeship started within the gild, I am at the cusp of the third rune aett study, and have taken well over the allotted suggested time of study to unfurl the esoteric workings of the first two. At Yule moot, I will be entering the Tyr aett.

Rune map/book: I aim to have this book and rune star chart complete by moot, a testament gildverk of my first year.

Pillars of YGG written (and method started): To complete the writing of my AsaTru fitness method by the Feast of Thunor (February 14) and have started the physical portion of the ritual and workout base.

Longhall and Ve: To contribute for the build of the longhall, and the hof at Ulfheim, supporting real culture of the Wolves of Vinland.

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