Mannerbunde Mannaz

The Mannaz rune at this specific time stands for the Mannerbunde, as I peer inwards from outwards and judge the caliber of my being, am I good enough? A testament to the clan, and camaraderie. The tendencies steering my into the sphere of the secret society. The Mannerbunde, the hard hearted and toughed hessian men who’s actions, deeds, rites and philosophes are concealed from non members. An esoteric warrior band, versus the rest of the world. I took my lot of the :M: rune at an according time, when my worldview of sexual dynamic also is shifting from 0b6124e93b23eab372891a9cdb1242a0hedonistic poly-amorous relationships to exclusivity, in the way an alpha wolf will fight for his she-wolf and stay loyal to her until death. Not to be understood in a Kristjanized way, but more akin to the Wolfpack. The mating ritual, and mutual interchange of two dynamic beings the enhance, not complete each others lives, because I don’t need completion from others. My view of woman has melded with a more ancient understanding of the bonds between two lovers. A bit more Jack London ‘Son of the Wolf’ ilk, when he speaks about Man’s inheritance and valuation of the sex feminine.

Mannaz, the essence of Man, is my role to take on within the folk community. Sloughing off old behavioral patterns with far less appeal to the effeminate qualities, and deeper connections to the atavistic man of elder times. Cultivating the traits of hardness, industriousness, rugged, warrior-ilk, strong, loyal, doer, maker. The man I see in my reflection of a quiet lake, or a dark window, is not my face or clothes, but the Man beneath the skin. Forging ahead, in front of his counterparts, because he is better, stronger, more able, and well ready for the next circuit of his existence. The elite initiation of what it means to be the living and becoming man.Indian-Warriors

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