Runic Celestia


The runic constellatory map is in it’s final stages and will see a Yule release around January 10. I am editing it, adding some myth and lore, and creating the map, which I plan to be a large resolution,and laminated. There will be the shortt book to accompany the map, cover will be designed by me, still looking for a release, possibly through WotanKlan. Here are a couple demos of the runic asterisms I have come up with and a bit more of the texts included.

The Principles of Ase and Thursian Power in the Multiverse (more like a very short story)
The universe is currently expanding, and matter is spreading farther and farther apart. The gravitational force, and contracting force that is predicted by some astronomists is Thor’s force, of pulling energy and physicality back together. Freyr’s force is the equilibrium or the state of stillness at any one time, existing in balance throughout the universe. Odin-Freyr-Thor is the explosion, stillness and contraction. Thor’s gravity, is still too weak to overcome Odin’s outbursting energy, and Odin is still chief god, until Ragnarok (cyclic apocalypse) ensues and Thor will destroy entropic forces and become stronger than Odin for awhile. The moment in between is when an equal amount of force will be exerted in both directions, and thus be a natural balance which is Freyr’s force. Traveling from one universe to an entirely different plane of existence, or tangent of the nine is the vitki faring with the fetch. They are distanced from both time, and structure because the fetch only travels in the astral dimension. The black holes are the destructive, Hel forces, the children of Loki that swallow up matter. The Jormungand serpent, and it’s coil spiralling inwards, the gaping maw of the Fenris wolf. The Bifrost is described as shimmering (bif), and road (rost), and Heimdall dwells at the top. Seen from the longitude of Icelanders in the North, Heimdallr is at the top of the Milky Way, and it’s road is leading down to the underworld. But in the long dark season when the sun barely rises, there are no rainbows, and for someone in southern Norway at the same time would not see the Milky Way as Bifrost, but instead the rainbow.

Here are two rune constellations from the book.

Ansuz: * stave map in Perseus* Perseus is one of the heros, a highborn character who in the myths eventually slew a sea-beast. Like Thor who had slain the sea serpent. Thor is of the Aesir, and Ansuz refers to this rank. The godly/hero types that are greater than common man. In the Perseus constellation. Start at the bottom of the stave from Epsilon Persei, working up to Mirfak and Eta Persei. The two tines, starting with the upper one, going down from Eta persei to Theta Persei. From Mirfak, down to Kappa Persei. Optionally to go one up from Theta to Phi Persei for the Anglo Saxon version of Ansuz.

Perthro: stave in Crater* word meaning cup, the one belonging to Apollo. Apollo was an oracular god, a patron of the Delphic Oracle. I associate Perthro with time, occultation, and the life game or the wyrd. The fates and secrets of becomings that few only know save for the volvas, norns, seers and possibly shamans. The cup is handled by a crow used to fetch water for Apollo, it gets lazy and takes back a water snake, and angers him, then is thrown into the sky. The cup is the container of liquid which nourishes Apollo’s visionary prophecies. Like in Teutonic custom, the cup takes on the use of a casting device, or tool for divination. Starting the stave from Theta Crateris, bending in to Delta Crateris, then to Alkes, at one corner of the constellation. Drawing the vertical stave down to Beta Crateris, bend in to Gamma Crateris, and end at Zeta Crateris.
Naglfar: The ship made of dead man’s nails, Corona Australis shaped as the boat. Again, only located in the Southern hemisphere where the ship pyre carrying the dead travels. The ancient Indo-European/Aryan mythos of the boat that goes beyond the horizon, and symbolizes death.


Mjöllnir: The pleiades with a short handle made of the stars Plejone and Atlas, the nearby stars. The Pleiades are in the Taurus constellation. The handle is short on the hammer because in the myth, one of the dwarves, Brokkr, was distracted by Loki disguised as a fly while they were forging it. He stopped blowing the bellows and Eitri removed it seeing it was too short. When the Pleiades (thor’s hammer) rises in the east, the Jotun realm sets on the opposite side of the sky. During the twilight of the gods, Thor’s hammer leaves the sky, along with Hydra/Jormungand.

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