ᛝ From A Long Line of Odhin’s Sons

During seta last night, while focusing on Lík dwelling on Nastrond for at least 20 minutes, I took another rune from my stitched fur pouch. After laying for this time in the dark, completely motionless, silent, dead, unconscious, I poured the antler chips out, leaving one inside. Held it in my hands and sent currents of power into the rune unseen. Held it still above my face, in complete darkness and eyes closed trying to ‘see’ the rune. 4 staves crossed over into my conscious thinking, as with the Mannaz I drew in November, there were 3-4 that came to my attention. This time :Kenaz: :Othal: Dagaz: and :Ingwaz: were on my mind. Again, as I did before, I sought to read the symbols instead of the runes. The staves dismantled themselves, and formed the distinct glyph of the Valknut. The three triangles in knots. I wondered what this was pointing to. Woden, tripartite, chosen ones, lineage. This didn’t fit to Kenaz or Dagaz. The Valknut kept seeing into my half awakened state, and again, the elite, the clan, the tribe, Odin’s brethren, his sons, the Valknutr, Ingvaeones, :ᛝ:

I took out the remaining rune and held it with eyes closed and thought more, and felt the ridged edges of the antler, then look to see my carved Ing rune painted in woad color on the face of it. It was the second time of the last two draws that I have foretold my own rune.

I thought on Ing all morning and afternoon, and how it related to the clan, the tribe, and also ‘of the earth’. Ingvi/Freyr as one of the cult male identities of nature. Ing meaning son-of, and alluding to worship of the earth, aiding the natural cycles, and the totemic relationship with flora and faun. The ING glyph resembles the seed, or seedling, of which I am serviant of. The seed that is my being, growing and thriving, and the seedlings that I plant back into the ground during the sacred day’s work. Yngvi-Freyr, who was the ancestor of one of the five Original Germanic tribes, the son of Njord, who is the son of Odin, or directly the son of Odin. Yngve_Frey_bygger_Gamla_Upsala_tempel_by_Hugo_HamiltonThe tripartite triangles in Valknut again, as the unbreakable family knots. Yngvi, just as myself, share this common ancestor, of Odin. I see this as honoring one’s name, heritage, and forefathers, and it seems for me the coming year, there will be many prospects of Tribalism and family.

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