Runaz Sternō Skiwô

This is the second promo for the Runic star map, which has come to include the planisphere style chart, and several Eddaic heroes and characters. I have cut a section out to see. The book and map may likely have release WotanKlan, but plans are pending, and until then is self published. The final title is ‘Runaz Sternō Skiwô‘ (RUNA Star Sky) written by me :Ulvseiðmenn:

(segment from myth explanation section)
“The narrative and secrets embedded within the mytho
s would be written down as a story, and only a certain few who knew how to decode them, or were privileged to know the real meanings by initiation or oral tradition could grasp their entirety, and see beneath the surface of the poetry. The parable of the myth, disguised a well of high-minded knowledge of the Germanic and Icelandic folk, and this is how they chose to represent what they knew. One way to do this would be to hide their meaning in the sky, where several different versions of mythos already existed in the asterisms of the celestial vault Not in rational, straight forward, and scientific ways, but through riddles, and bombastic plots of story, pictures rooted in direct experience.”promo

Tiwaz (T): The left hand of the Orion constellation, starting with Bellatrix, as the line of the :T: rune, drawing out to Pi3 Orionis (end of the bow), and the two downward tines at Rho Orionis, and 16Orionis, slightly skewed apart. In the times when the chief god was spoken of differently depending on which tribe you talked to, or which geographical region you belonged, it is entirely possible that the symbol associated with Tyr, as the revered he-man would be represented in Orion as well. Something intriguing is the way Thurisaz rune is in the right hand of the man. The ‘right wing’ of justice which stands for the social elites, and a fundamental inequality (The behavior of Thor eloquently displays this), while the Tiwaz gavel/Tyrs tool is in the left hand, left wing, which symbolizes the equality, and fairness of the people, of which Tyr is the prospecting ‘judge’.

Ulfs Keptr or Wolfsrachen: in the Hyades star cluster is fairly recognizable V-shape like the maw of a wolf. It is near the ecliptic. It could be viewed as Hati or Skoll, chasing the sun/moon or Fenrir, with his mouth held open by a sword, and the Milky Way frothing out of it.

Nidhoggr: Scorpius -Like the serpent, a long constellation. With its tail in the south and its head in the north dragging the men down and eating their corpses. It is surrounded also by the Lupus (Vargr), the eagle and raptor, and world serpent constellation, surely the Nifl-dwelling of the sky.

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