FUTHARK calendar reflections


Achieved second level apprentice in the Galdragildi

Quit from a brief and unproductive university course. Left behind normal civilian jobs, most likely forever. Went from being financially depending on the government for living in a single room to getting off the welfare system to do farming/treeplanting and sustaining myself. Went off the system almost entirely, no bank account, no rent costs, no bills, no permanent address, not registered with police, no phone, no car. Tramping with whatever I can carry, and staying in lodgings/tents. Was able to pay back some borrowed money from an ex-lover. Earned 3 grand in less than 2 months


Became very resourceful with what little I had. One full year of The Centurion Method, and continue yoga training. Rise in self confidence, independent nature, skill, multitasking and perseverance

Conflict with two lovers, one resolved and turned into decent relationship. Distanced myself from weaker ‘friends’ who simply did not impress me. Made several enemies, keeping me on guard to who I trust and who are not worth my time.


High inspiration from deep talks with friends in other countries. Learned how to write in 8 different styles of Icelandic poetry. Kept up a heavy reading dose of 3-5 books at any one time, and became very interested in the Scandinavian Sagas/Lore/Mythos. Wrote probably in excess of 200 articles, and journal posts.


Quebec. Ontario. Manitoba. Central England. Norway. Isle of Wight. California. Nevada. Somerset. Northumberland. Scotland.


Focused a lot on finding the sacred in the mundane. Rites. Rituals. Magic.


Gifts of some of the closest friends I have had in life. Material gifts handmade by some, given and exchanged.


Heathen festival. Rome concert. nature walks. wildlife. good company.


constant change and moving too many times to remember. very polarized emotions for almost everything, nothing gray. Personal revelations.


Learned how to use oxen for ploughing, milking cattle, permaculture, tending to chickens/goat, making planks from full trees, setting up a living space, planting trees in a different style. Made a blowing horn. Felt need at times for: like minded company, resources, love.


Silence, stillness, solitude and meditation. Made full use of my time in winter. Proactive. Influenced several others to better themselves in subtle and direct ways. Intensified self knowledge.


Foraged for mushrooms, acorns, apples, cherries, medicine plants. Felt the seasonal change in my body. Experienced almost every type of weather, -40 boreal blizzard, +40 desert heat, Scottish 100mph gales, rain, hail, flood, the brightest spring sun and darkest skies


Made offerings to a personal tree in Northumberland National Park. Ehwaz rune sending. Learned about several species of tree in many different bioregions. Started the Pillars of Ygg workout method.


Altered states of consciousness. Rune divination/sending/minor healing. Introduced others to magic, and discovered tons more about it myself. Entertaining the matrix of all possibilities of my wyrd.


Set up firm virtues. Kept to fundamental codes of behavior. Protected others from verbal, and mental abuse. Spiritual reverence for vaettir, Gods and Godesses as important aspects of my life.


Lead by example. Continually Rising. :ARAHARI: Looked at the bright aspects through the myrk.


Held to vegetarian diet. Gave people second chances. Became proficient with explaining my reasoning for something. Supported protected wolves, and primates. Kept off the criminal records. (Mostly, some trespassing on sacred barrows, and domestic issues, but nothing too severe)


Made several close woman friends. Re-looked at what I seek in a mate.


Plant allies, psilocybin, dandelion, fly agaric, salvia, marijuana. Wod-Intoxication; mead, absinthe, wine, cider. Animal totems; Wolf, Coyote, Ravens, Bear, Reindeer.


The Gild. Comrades. Self-evolution through Odhinnic Oath.


Purification of many vices, bad traits, and routines.


planted  over 110,000 trees. sown herbs. made two gardens from scratch. took down deer fencing.


Learned more about Indigenous traditions, bushcraft, and heritage. Looked for ancestrial lineage in the Innu/Naskapi/Algonkian peoples. Became dedicated to the Troth and the Galdragildi. Learned some old fashioned craft. Bread making. Primitive fire starting. Animism


Living to the full. Took on several personal projects. Daily rites/deeds. Multitasking.




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