Snø Måni Ulv Måni

tumblr_mtefb2dbvU1sgzg6zo1_500The full moon is not inherently special, it is special because we make it so. As Galdr mentioned, by the repeated layering of our actions and pouring of our will into a directive act is becomes sacred. Pondering on the full moon ritual last night after an inspired act of reverence, a very simple realization came to my hamingja. In ritual it is easy for us to get stuck in a bunch of words, and fixated on order or pronunciation, or a myriad of other distractions that keep us from truly engaging ourselves entirely, and abandoning to the ritual. The rift in the act of doing and becoming the ritual certainly held me back from a lot of extroverted actions during my progression as a heathen, and still often does. The moon has a multitude of meanings to each person. Aldis shared her sentiment with me that the full moon at its brightest is a reflector point and calls us to also reflect what is within. We see the full sun’s light on essentially dead matter, which also is symbolic of how our inner flame projected onto the seemingly base and meaningless imparts a real value.

The way I see the moon is a temporal shattering. Every creature, and every person who has ever walked the earth seen the same moon. Our ancestors; hundreds, thousands, and millions of years past seen the saw the same moon, and bathed in the same light. It is like the ‘black sun’ because it emits no light of it’s own, but is resplendent with the solar energy even in the vacuum of space. It serves as an unbroken string tied to everyone and everything else. Last night, we hailed Mani and drank mead with a wolf cloak, in a cold Vermont winter. 100 generations ago, a nomadic Norseman faring over the fjord may have used it for direction on his journey; and a few hundred miles south, the kin of our hearth reveled in their own way, under the Tyr eye.

A part of symbolism that I will be using in my Gildverk is the hamramr seta, during the moons’ full state. This serves the purpose of calling out our fylgja. With other members doing the gandreid with their fetch, permits one to travel to or with others in hamingja. Some lightly modified prose from the Gullveigarbok is what I am going to incorporate into the Gild moon rites. Inviting of Fenris kin to possess me, as I shape shift to wolf, reap all fetters, and re:wild the animal inside.

“Howl like Garmr, beast of Jarnvidr, devour my flesh! Let your fangs blacken my blood, and your essence touch my spirit! Ulv-serk hamramr, cloak me now! Fenrir ek kalla þik hulfrinn kjoptum blodugr skal ljos lifa eta!”

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