Svart Trolls and the Sharpened Hammer

page17_blog_entry63_2Drifting in and out of dream this morning, I was confronted with Thor and set in front of some implements; a rock, a nidhstang pole, and there were evil wights watching my every action. I had the Mjollnir, that was sharpened, and I kept remembering the myth of the dwares. “Often has the smith to blow”. One of the dwarves at the forge was distracted by Loki on the wall, and forgot to use the bellows, so the handle came out short. I knew of the Lokean in my dream, just spying and trying to distract me. I took the Mjollnir hammer and starting making scratches all over the rock, and it risted like metal, not any type of stone. I then dreamt of the Frigg taufr that I made last night and left in the hearth, I saw it in the fire and wondered if it would be reduced to ashes in the morning. I was back in the room with the dwarves but now thinking they may have been swart trolls instead, and they were mocking, so I put more scratches in the stone and started chanting black galdor to intimidate them, they cowered in their ugly form, and I felt like this was a test of will and magic.

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