A Primordial and Recurrent :Guild:

Within the wyrd of the gild, there is formula of central tenets that must be actualized for the community to grow. This bastion of sentimental, customary, material and tribal catalysts are like the bones and blood of the Eternally Recurring Gild. In the traditional school, kindred is made through individuals coming into contact, and frith is dependent on this contact. It is through natural means that contact is made, both with the individual and his or her ancestors, and the individuals with each other. Operating through a genetic link in a long line back to ones forebears, the apprentice begins to take on the ancestral guidance of the collective ancestor. Each person also hears through initiation, the language of the runes spoken to them from the Alfather, and experiences an organic revelation, a calling to heed the Northern way. In the guild, the teachings are based on esoterica, and secret or time accrued knowledge, but it is not tru to say that this esoteric system is willfully ‘chosen’ in the sense that most of us understand it. It is not a system that can be selected with free well, but instead the gods and goddesses have chosen US to be the purveyors and carriers of the tradition. We exist in sacral, separate time when we commune with the gods, and immediately understand that our actions in this world now take on living circumstance. We have superseded, the descendants of Odin, and Freyja, because in our very nature we are mortal, but our purpose has been handed down, and now they expect us to fulfill it. The runes are within us, and within the all, and to deny this truth is too deny ourselves. In the gild, one does not ‘get’ the runes, he unearths them, and sees them as already present, but they are not within everyone. With ones DNA comes more than physical traits, and behavioral patterns, there is also the spiritual continuance, and the heritage. We were shaped from the beginning of time by the consciousness of Odin and his brothers, Vili and Ve, and thus we are also Odin-conscious, able to access the Hamingja of the wise old man through Seta. The anthropological links to these divine (AEsir) and semi-divine (Vanir) beings, endows us with evolutionary relations to higher beings. Through mythological narrative, we shape our lives, ‘Ek skapa lifa mer’. First we analyze the objective rede of the passed down teachings. As the most ancient schools all preserve the custom of passed down wisdom, through literature, or story, or symbolism and metaphor, we use these methods as a tool to understand our own universe. Then subjectively, as the apprentice begins to become more aligned with the complex of the Germanic soul, he or she goes off on their own tangent and explores the subjective realms… to be continued

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