Tramp Life Chapter 4: Finding the Clan

If there is no better purpose to wander alone, it is to discover the clan that you actually have. Out in the world, a tramp wanders from state to state, country to country, and continent to continent. An outcast usually, from societies eyes, always on the run, and living far from civilization. Company is held more often with the animals than humans, but in those far places, others of the same ilk choose to dwell. In those cores of activity, like a hive of wasps, vagabonds, hobos, tramps and the like will congregate, and discover they are not so different from one another, or at least their similarities are far more revealing, and their differences unique.

My own personal journey has been following a grail. I have been on the road for nearly 17 months, on the path of self sacrifice to the higher self. My homeland is Canada, but my grail land is Scandinavia. In a matter of 2-3 years I see myself setting down the first roots in a new land, and building a stable homestead, either in Bergen, Norway or the farm country of Iceland. I realized this was what I wanted 9 years ago, and have been chasing it since, chipping away at the stone, learning skills, building reputation, and collecting contacts around the world in order to mete out a methodical and dignified approach to migrating there. Along the way I have met people who have taken interest in the tribal ideals of sharing a sacred property,
the construction of cabins, buildings and smithies, creating holy ve for the heathen gods on the land, and opening the territory to those who are seeking, and are of like mind. To build such a thing requires a lot of time, careful planning, willingness, and unfortunately that old bane, money, at least to get started. To be completely self sufficient is the apex of what the lifestyle would come to, using permaculture principles so that the nature will not be exploited. To do all of this takes something else than skill and monetary funds though, there must be a culture who knows how.

The Culture: is a band of people; farmers, travellers, heathens, outlaws, builders, artists, and homesteaders. Those who know what is takes to hold a role that is intrinsic to the clanic lifestyle. Those who have either spent their early years in villages, and carry a lot of traditional knowledge or have attained their wisdom along the way. In this modern industrial havoc age, this spiritual ice age and time of social downfall, the tribe has become degraded as backwards, criminalistic folk who are old fashioned, un-intelligent, and dangerous. This heap of abuse against the organic instinct of the community has so far carried on mostly unnoticed except for those involved. If you read the news, or some of the Vice world news, you will come across such articles about the killing, exploitation, and raping of a peoples way, not only their lives, but their internity. As someone closely affiliated with the tribal ways, and bent on the same trail of living a nomadic, agrarian, and spiritual lifestyle, I find this painful in mine own heart. When I read an article about how Indigenous american women are sexually abused and murdered, or the Pacific Coast tribes who now have no drinking water, and losing their land, their iconic animals (Spirit Bear), and their customs because of encroachment, disaster, and development, it rips apart out of me as well. The damage is does to the primordial method of living is immesurable.

I know part of my role in this life is to keep old ways alive, as a member of the Rune Gild, as a heathen, and as a human being. I am impelled to give of myself to my fellow man or woman, for those who truly deserve it. I travel so I can bring people together, through relationships, through lovers, or friends. Those who may otherwise not meet because of distance, and who are known close kin. When enough of these people are gathered in the right place, there is a particular spirit which is shared. The hamingja, is of a tribal essence, where pre-conceived barriers of social class, criminality, wealth, or life experiences become gray and irrelevant. A conciousness is born out of this rite of the gatherings. Each strives to attain to the highest human endeavor of building something within that is larger than any individual entity can.

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