Planted grove for Two Snakes and herr Sumarliðr, ATWAR

manson-7In the highlands, there is a grove in the Glencruitten woods of Oban, which I here dedicate for Two Snakes, and herr Sumarliðr who helped fund this project with movement in the all in one, and the inspiration instilled to make it happen. BE:ING+DO:ING. I made pilgrimage to Scotland in the dying days of autumn, and the grove, consisting of some 5000 Coniferous trees were planted in the spirit of the word. ATWA. At.War with the forestry mongoloids who aim to cut down these woodlands. Through Scottish gales, muck, and brash, I, Wolfshaman planted these trees alone, but not alone, for the purpose of re:wilding a scarred and broken landscape. A tree graveyard. A roe deer revealed his presence before the planting ensued, and two harris’ hawks carried by handlers were walked in procession around the trails before being released a couple days afterwards. An appropriated rite for Tyr and Freyr, the land wights, and allies was made at the land. You know who you are my brothers.

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