These hands…

IMG_1476These hands have planted hundreds ov thousand ov trees, and foraged for medicines in wild’r lands

These hands have made sweetest love to women, and have clenched white with hate against thy foe

These hands have been cut, scarred, scratched, bled, frozen, burned, and tattooed

These hands have performed great works, and will perform many a ‘more

These hands have built cabins, raised tents, farmed land, tended to fauna, carried, and held

These hands have hitchhiked thousands ov miles across open country

These hands have written books, tomes, and journals ov the innermost heart

These hands have hailed the spirits ov nature, ov :S:un, ov :U:rth, and worked great magic

These hands have met the other hands ov the traveler, the brother, the friend, the lover

These hands have cast the runes, and traced graves, have searched and found… these hands fit in yours

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