Re:wilding Sacred Medicines :Toloache

hqdefaultThe first ov thee Toloache plantae have been submerged in the sands. In the soils of the Rif Mountains ov Northern Morocco. During an escapade there in these early Spring days. I found SOLace for seed in mud formed gardens painted sky blue. The Chefchaouen cliffs, thee grails of the hashish farmer. A walk down the mountain proved to find the suitable grounds for this sacred plant to be re:wilded back into the earth. 11 seeds, because one is one is one, in three different locations descending from the haus of a kief maker I stayed with. Guarded over by the sun in it’s bloom. I chose this place because Morocco is home, and I will return in time to smell their flowers and harvest their seeds, if they spread their solar semen across the face of the Rif, I will meet them with pride to know they have found home here.



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