Thee Black Desert


Shooting Star Sa-Ha-Ra, Blackest Stones Fallen from thee Deepest Spaces

Buried in sand, mirrored Nomad faces Candlegloaws, ov Mud temples ov Home

WhisKEY tea + CoosCoos Shapen Brass ringing through Virgin Eers Thee Desert dawgs wail, Camels grumble

A Thousand thousands ov Constellatory mark to color thee sky in opalescent white Ream

Thee dunes do not appear as the seeme & do not seem as they appear

For their seeming is only appearance, ov Dunes that are not. Lover Sun, Sister Sand, make love to me

Me to you… Mama Afrika pounded on skins By the vagabonds of the land

Quickening a tribute, ov Root + One I am High on thee Colored Medicine Horned moon rising soothes to

slumber. And I fall into thee Sky…

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