The Wanderer seeking the Tribes


The wayfarer and the wanderer is also the Fool, at least that is how he sets out in the beginning. A fool, for he is a stranger and everything is permitted, not because of his ignorance, for it is not a lowly thing, merely the first set and setting. He is also the Tramp, in a period of semi-dependence on the society in order to transcend it. His actions are not perfect, they are not always made in virtue or higher honor, but they are necessary for this Ultimate survival, in the purest sense of the meaning. Far away places he will see and experience, an animal is this planetary habitat, a seeker of places and space, like a creature of true habit, habitual resonance. For this is the time of finding, of trial and tribulation, of pain and suffering whilst dissecting pleasure and awe for the return journey. This is the calling of Woden himself, of a Runa surrender to the vision bequeathed under the tree. Many miles he will wander, through the nine worlds of his soul sphere. To meet Hel, and Heimdall on the same terms. Where this path goes always leads to the honing of the one that is going. If one can seek without prejudice, but with a keen sense of home-ing, that is of finding where he belongs, then he must ask himself, who are his closest relatives? From which root doth spring his cultural heritage? And how to find the :R:oads that lead him there, amongst the place where his ancestors walked before him?

After two years wandering this earth, seeking wisdom from the elders and the voices of land and spirit, this man comes to terms with a new quest, one always the same but always different. For he has traveled to many a far country, many a new people, has come as a stranger and left as a friend, but also understood who his enemies were, and what to avoid. He must now seek the tribe, the clan, the greater community. A companion who I shall refer to here as Papa Chase, lent down his words and experience, for the finding out of yet to unknown trade, to raise new prospects 360_-_Hermetic_-_VIIII_-_The_Hermitof which were ineffably foreign or misunderstood before, and seek out the apprenticeship of traditional skill, the work that is done with the heart just as much as the hands, of the furthering of the ethos of culture, and deeper growth. For that which spreads its roots further down, also rises higher.

Now is this time, after two years of reflection, for I spend these days and those forthcoming, for the indeterminate purveying what is known, and finding what is not. To seek to live by the tribe, on ancient codes of behavior and routine, far from a norm of suggestive integration like those offered up by modern civilization, but according to thee organic, northern ritual. Tyr. Midgard. and the Sagas of Old. I seek those that I belong to, or rather with. The giants formed this world into an asexual existence, and the people colored it into a thousand stories, but it is not so to say that we are remote from our past, which speaks a unique language. Some would say it is a prolific coming of age, to find those that resonate with the self, for they are relative. It is now that a two year wayfaring must take the next step. For I am gathering the stories, and bringing others closer like a magnet. To form in the tribe, and understand my role within it.

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