Pacha Mama: This is One World Garden

Everything in this world can be a medicine or a poison, it is the way we treat it, and how we use it which amounts to it’s effect. I thought deeply of this today while traveling in Iceland. The meat we take may be healing to us, if we enter the relationship with the animal, there may be a type of conversation made with the being it inhabits. To hunt down a deer sitting in a tree with a shotgun, will kill the animal, but the meat may not be the medicine, because the deer was unawares and did not freely give itself. Whereas to chase a deer with bow, it may recognize the same struggle of the human, and in time when it is killed, the soul of the deer has had time to leave the body and give it’s flesh and meat for good. This goes to with the plant world. It is entirely different to harvest a crop of fields with a turning machine and metal blades than to sit with a plant or simply ask for it’s medicine firsthand. Every animal also decides this when it’s death comes. We may not be able to live off the land from foraging, but those with a higher mind know in their knowing that one certainly can. It comes down to dosage.

Everything on this earth can be a poison or a medicine, depending on dosage. I see people overdosing on chocolate, and sugar, as it permeates so much of their diet, treated as drugs, while these substances, cacao and cane, can be truly medicinal in the right doses, prepared and sourced the right way. Even the lesser of foods that we take for granted have the ability to be extremely beneficial. One of the most common mistakes in agriculture is getting rid of the weeds, without any consideration of what these secret flora may be capable of. In our cemeteries, the corpse rich humus nourishes the semilanceata mushrooms, with a dna code unique to any other mushroom on this planet. Those in the psychedelic mind will know this fungus as a deep inhibitor of healing, transformation and the symbolic language of lucidity. Mass consumption is unnecessary and usually means the food is extremely lacking in what you actually need. Raw food is never exotic, and most of the time has relations with other plants and animals. We have forgotten this symbiotic recipes so to speak, and eat a lot of poison food. When we serve our dinner, there is still life left in the meat and plants we have used to prepare it, it is important to recognize this, as so many settle for dead, modified, empty food.

This land is the one world garden, and everything that grows and lives on it is my medicine. If we develop a further conscious effort to realize that every ingredient that goes into the products at the markets once came from soil at it’s earliest source, and Pacha Mama allows us to receive. Within her gifts are the medicines we need. We should stop trying to render them into something else. For it is not ours to decide. Everything is medicine or poison. It is our love which knows the difference.

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