Mapacho: Aztec Tobacco

Silent Solanacae plants encumbe their language within leaf and stalk, in root and flower. They speak a tongue not unlike one we have known to know, or one we remember, and we do remember. I remember the plant, Nicotiana spirit, hot, dry, detoxifying, and a juice when chewed from this fresh plant.

Within it’s body, the mapacho carries β-carbolines, like those in the harmala, and the cuticles of Scorpions. At higher concentrations, the fluoresce of the carbolines occur under black light. Nicotiana Rustica, is allied with the moon, for it’s lunar light is a medicine gathered and sent down to the roots. An introvert of a plant, but can be very gentle. MAOi’s with a chemical synergy like that of other harmines as telepathine and banistere are found in a brother plant, ayahuasca. The family of tobacco can now live almost anywhere even in Northern climates under greenhouses. Some of the best raw tobacco is found here in the Scandinavian lands, in Denmark.

The mapacho stayed with me, and I was taught it’s medicine by another heart. Singado, using the infused leaf material to make tobacco colored water and insufflated as a snuff from the hand. It can also be allied with the Theobroma barks to create Nu-Nu, a psychotropic Matsés medicine for the successful hunt of a man. Mixed as such. the mapacho and the macamo tree inner bark prepared as alkaline ashes, and blown into the nostrils with a bamboo tube or a bird bone. The man receives visions of peccary, and game for the hunt, and of up to four doses in each nostril may be given by the Shaman.

I have been using the mapacho, every day since arriving in this sub-arctic country, and find it comparable with the air, and the water. The infusion is from pure Icelandic water, which smells lightly of sulfur, and the liquid form is clean from any pathogens. Mapacho is used as a Snus by the Swedes, and medicine called Naswar in Afghan, and a blend of Amazonian type of Ayahuasca. The nicotine potency is 3-9 times stronger than the tobacco in cigarettes.

This plant is a cleanser of negative energies, smoke blown into the vessel of another cup for medicine will clear it, and is used before and after Ayahuasca ceremonies. Tabaqueros drink the juice to induce visions, and never will one find the use of normal cigarettes in the communities where there is a strong shamanism. The Witotos and Yukunas use the raw mapacho in special festivals and dances with powdered coca. In Ecuador, giant cigars of the tobacco are used in the ceremony of boy becoming a man. The Cocamas, Omaguas, Zaparos, Omuranas, Sionas, and Inganos tribes chew the leaf, and master medicine men of Colombia and Brazil will give a gourd of the juice to drink. The Jivaros of Ecuador use this plant amongst both the women and men, for wedding rituals, witchcraft, victory feasts and visionary quests.

This plant, so widely sold in every petrol station, and food store, on street corners and market, is equal to the amount it is abused for it’s medicine. It’s direct sibling, nicotiana tabaacum, doused with chemicals and gmo’s, part of the daily grind, or forming a link in the chain of progressive smokers is quickly killing. it does not need to be like this. Try obtaining the pure tobacco from Peru, and snorting some each morning. The head is cleared of stuck energy, and mucus, it is a kick, harder than caffeine, and not addictive like common tobacco. I am a traveler, and while being away from Canada, it is harder to find raw chew, real tobacco, or organic inexpensive tobacco medicine such as that obtained from the native american trading posts, this plant was gifted to me in a small homeopathic amount. I shall continue to unravel it’s teachings and benefits.

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