Folkways and Roadways

I’m writing from the Norwegian mountains, passively minding my own business from what is happening between Europe and the middle East right now. This life is a project cultivate deeper roots with a traditionalist lifestyle, one I would rather lead with the same concerns our ancestors would have had, nothing more, thus I have been staying away from all formsskogseidvatnet of media, as a mountain man does, the only other news I am hearing is coming from another old bearded fellow.

My roadways have finally taken me to Hordaland after 8 years of romantic adoration for this county of Norway, and Norway in general, I have been making my home at the Solas Gard farm, on the hills near the Hardangerfjord and not so far from the Hardanger National Park. This is becoming a sort of primer for the future work that I will be getting into in Mexico, for by the end of the month I will be leaving Europe again. Here at Solas, we are building an eco-studio, or rather, I came at the tail ends to help with the sheep wool insulation, the pine tar painting and building a turf roof, as well as the deconstruction of a traditional Sammi shelter called a Gamme, unfortunately the turf was starting to rot, the pelts inside were moth eaten, soggy, and falling into pieces, and the birch bark was becoming exposed from high winds, not to mention the annoying tick population. It once looked like this, tumblr_nmnzmneLKK1romrx1o1_1280now nothing more than a conical pyramid of shaved trees, naked in the wind. Though I wish I could have had a hand in building it, the Gamme is on my list of primitive structures I would like to live in some day. The way of the heathen has always been about working and living for the community, the Folkways of the people. For this reason, I really do not participate in any conversation about so called crisis that may be happening. These crisis only happens if we make them our crisis. Our reality is as we project it, and too our responsibilities are our own, my only opinion is perhaps the European hive mind has warranted their own “problems” for their apathy and hostility to other cultures in the past. Sometimes I even find myself more European than the Europeans, but this is not really the point of this post. It is about the tradition of the heathenist.

I want to lead by example that the most powerful form of heathenism today, is not in the literature or pseudo-pagan festivals, it is about living the way we used to. Reliant and in balance with the nature surrounding us. I was recently told by a local farmer, that his sister bought an apartment in Bergen for the same price of his entire farm which covers part of the spruce and pine forest, the cliffside, a fertile soil land, fishing and hunting rites, and a barnhouse. It is fortunate that I am also now living with other heathens, who take almost 90 percent, sometimes 100 percent of our dinner from the ground, or the ingredients are traded with other farmers, caught in the lake, lamb sacrificed on the land. To be part of this is more than just some false concept of ‘idyllic’, it is the on

ly way I know

Soon these merging paths will take me to Mexico, at the Lemurian Embassy, and it is with immense anticipation, and perhaps some anxiety that I stare out these windows into the distant forever, nothing is carved in Mayan stone, but I just might end up staying there for some time. I’m studying curanderismo and shamanism, and will be spending time learning the local languages as best I can, and am looking into an ayahuasca retreat sometime for the autumn. I am willing that I can meet the right shaman to teach me the medecina songs, for the few I remember were from a past rainbow gathering and only a few Spanish verses at that. I want to sit with peyote and the sacred salvia and learn their lessons, and really put some roots into this growing eco-village in the consciousness of Lemuria.

2 thoughts on “Folkways and Roadways

  1. I agree full-heartedly with your comments about the European “crisis”. I also seek to build tribe, and living Heathen tradition and Relationship with the land, and have spent the last year moving around Washington state, in the US, interning on farms and acquiring skills. Now I settle down to work and make money to hopefully fund my own land project.

    I still am struggling to find other Heathens who are in tune with the Rewilding mindset, and who are prepared to do the kind of work that is necessary to transition form Civilized/urban and disconnected ways of being.

    Been appreciating your work and writing from afar for a while now. If you ever come through Washington state again (though I recall that you mentioned being banned from the country?), I’d be honored to meet you and employ your skills for a stick and poke tattoo.

    Best wishes, and with solidarity and heartfelt support!


    • Heckenwolf, I was living a standard urban existence before I met Odin in a depressing homeless shelter, he told me to get the fuck out, and start doing something worthwhile, stop holding back. Two and a half years now, and I still hear the echo galdors of ODIN! from every mountain and deep forest.

      Yes, my friend, brother from afar, I know you also are a purveyor of the tumblr I keep from times, though even that might come under seige, for nature keeps breaking my camera, a lesson? I have not only dreamed of living in Norway for this brief period of time, and to be in such presence of other individuals, but I think when one is in the age of initiation it takes sometimes many years for one to go through trial, heartbreak, suffering, and loss before he can be considered a hero, even in his own mind, then to others, and I am still pushing through vices and personal limitations. Yet, I find the avenues to transcend those weaknesses through plants, women, love, writing, art and travel. So 8 years now, 6 of those i’ve lived alone. I’m 25 now. I always feel there is more I can do, and I don’t merely want the tribe, I need it.

      Do you know Heimat Vinland? They are comrades in the east of Canada, namely Chase Sutherland of Nova Scotia, he is building hamlets of family with his brothers, the community is interdependent to some degree, a mead brewer lives in town, a farmer, a mechanic, etc. It’s quite far from Washington of course, even for Canadian standards. Yes, that ban still hangs, but the way America is evolving these days, I can hardly exhale a sigh, I have brothers and sisters who want to join me on the road in the future. 2019 is the earliest I see myself back in America, and even then it will probably be Alcatraz or Alaska.

      Also, I am simply happy my journals resonate with you, this is sometimes no more than an outlet for my musing and inspired mind to pour out, when I am in solitude, which is often, so some of it will be important to others, or turn them away. I always appreciate every comment on here, it is my only connect, because I don’t use social media.

      Last, you have my honor with you, use this medium or my email to contact me (, I also have skype cause it’s fuckin’ free, and it’s a good tramping tool! (Brother Wolf) on there. So let’s maintain some speech from afar.


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