The Venerable Coy’ote

The Venerable CoyoteLeft paw of the Coy’ote… A song dog in the Jungle… He wanders into the temple forest… a plant man from all fathers… loyal to his cause, healer in dark huts… the musical syntax of his hallucination brings back fungal wisdom of the spirits… the trees have a new language… dancing therianthrope from flames ficker… skin cage transcends in the felt presence of immediate experience… a shaman of mood and moon… seeing in the night, what was gazed at in awe, eons ago… waiting for the Lemurian transmission… he raises his body in a heiroglyphic runae… an antenna for terrestrial fermentation of ancient belief… the left paw of the coyote draws a symbol in the air… glossolalia overcomes him, and he waits to resume his human Man.

One thought on “The Venerable Coy’ote

  1. Little Wolf, making his tracks in the hedges and throwing songs in the Shadows. Elder and wizened teacher of Heartpath wisdom. He who remembers the dawn of time. He who lives again.

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