500 Pesos

I don’t believe in chance, and if we are sensitive enough to the energy of destiny, and the subtle relationship of karma with power, it allows for life to be ruled by a movement natural order, one that exists outside of the I and I ego mind that seeks to control every situation. Instead, letting one be in total surrender to each presence of the now, and always, the illusions to all confusions work around in the forever of the heart beating in one truth, and one reality. For reasons foreknown, eye could see this Mexican wayfaring on the road ahead, before getting here. It was in the Osoyoos badlands that I heard the name Zapatista, and the vibrations sent forth from this word sent me on a quest to find the indigenous resistors of rural Mexico so I may call them as Brother, Sister, Family. Three months down the line, attempting to cross by land first through the states of America, eye was sent back on the boat. The time had not come, no, still there would be testing.

Then, this man went off to finish a deed for ATWA, and voyage through Scandinavia, cracking open this consciousness of the way. For love, to know the others. Mexico called once more from Christiania. On a blood moon eye traveled and reaped what was left behind. Eye knew the time would come before it would happen, that broken down cowboy has a mere 500 pesos to his name. But all the same, this is only the reality of NOW as it always was before. A new prospect comes up, as the nexus of the energetic signals attracts me like a magnet, tramping across the southlands, to find and enter into this play of event and circumstance. Thee very same that called me here, and brought me alas to the Zapatistas EZLN, and the Lacandon Indians. Through the spiritual pueblo of Palenque and the Curanderos of Chiapas, journeying with mushroom into dream pyramids outside of our first attention. Out of jungles deep and the malt of the three waters. Now, the scorpion, the coyote, the humming bird and the black widow have spoken what they needed to say. I am sitting with what I got awaiting the full moon, and the coffee harvest in the cloud forest. Looking at 500 pesos, and wondering where it will take me until I hold none, wondering how long it will last, and after that.

The lurking of a return to Canada hangs over my soul like a night without warmth. For I do not want to face another winter alone. Again, returning to the power of manifestation, contra doubt and dis-ease. Allowing for the 6 of Swords to deal out new cards. The feminine body of the divine offers in an abstraction of art, speech, community and altered state. Don Juan speaks to me from beyond the grave. The Day of the Ancestors (los muertes) soon congregates their mass, and the song of mi corazon will hum through the distractions of lack, and on to light and Love of where I find my home.

3 thoughts on “500 Pesos

  1. I find it interesting that when we beleive in chance, we tend to force ourselves onto the world. Then we reap results that mirror the imbalance of expectation.

    Personally, I still struggle with excepting fate when the currents get powerful and overbearing. I am learning that relinquishing a greater digree of control to the currents of fate can at times be a more effective way of meeting my destiny, as well. This makes sense for me, because my own Karma is more alligned with reaching enlightenment, as Trungpa said, by “peeling the onion from the inside”, which means I learn a lot by fucking up. Tomthose who beleive in chance, my way of living can appear upsidedown. But it is the path I was fated on, and which I a was destined for. I don’t expect others to understand.

    To become wise, I have discovered that the ability to observe should not necessitate reaction. I am still working with how to implement this wisdom effectively.
    Nevertheless, I have often gained moments of liberation when I am more resigned to meeting the flow like a body swimmer, and simply being present. Letting the current lead is often the best strategy to get to where you’re destined to be. Even if your destiny is just upstream, it is harder work to fight the current. Traveling the greater distance may be what is truer to the journey. Whether our karma is resolved now or not, thre should be no rush because we will always get another chance to meet it. ; )

    This is what I understand as honoring the present moment.

    “Behind our masks we are you!”


    • For me there is only the traveling on the paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart.There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge for me is to traverse its full length.And there I travel—looking, looking, breathlessly.

      I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend. I have no thoughts, so I will see. I fear nothing, so I will remember myself. Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

      ~Carlos Castaneda

      and from a brother in honor of brother, you are what you are, every act makes your story

  2. And Heckenwolf, you always have profound commentary. After the Dia de los Muertes, I made an offering to Sister Guadalupe of nescafe and jojoba seeds, some guatemalan quetzals, and 5 centavos for abundance, suddenly I was granted with 920 pesos that came my way (about 75 bucks), I feel rich again. I’m heading to live in a community from ’72 that started post-hippie era on the coast of Oaxaca. Live and let Live.

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