If only more Hippies were like Me

Why must we live in nostalgia of the ‘good old days’, and continually reap dead harvest from the past when we can be procreating our own idyllic reality with what we have now. Here is a question unspoken that I have carried with me 2000 miles across Mexico, in what has become a sort of spiritual pilgrimage for me, through varying communities, hippy towns, eco villages, and traveler meccas. I have in the past 6 months come to identify myself in parcel with this old hippie paradigm, but can’t bring myself to see them in the light of this 21’st century, thc brazened, techno-dependent, socially awkward, naive outcast. Instead I want to preserve the industrious, beautifully kempt, nomadic gypsy type, who can smoke a pipe full of hash, but then build a cabin out of timbers, fix a bike, and make your own jacket on top of that. Unfortunately, the instance I am meeting with who long for the bright and happy flower children to come back, don’t have the ambition to do more than surf, listen to rave music, and sleep in on weekdays. We really need more of those young in heart with the true spirit of the 60’s now, who can manifest everything they need from within, and can take the leadership needed to guide us through a new war. We did good in those times, we stopped violence, educated ourselves on medicines, held communion with all life, and actually changed the social structure of humanity forever, but we are slipping. I urge those with the natural course of fire that flows within their blood, you Leos, and Aquarius’, you astrological powerhouses, use what is within and without you to create the Real Reality you want not later, but now. Be your own religion and watch your seeds reap a million fruits, let your drug trips be journeys into the 5th dimension where you will venture into a landscape of myth and bring back memes of the highest conscious sort. Ideas of the most pressing and controversial kind, and actions of the most heroic order. Let your colors show in your flag of honor, show me what you can do with yourself, and how that affects others. Open talking circles and speech circuits, and push people outside their hazy comfort zone of halluci-nation into planes of rev(o)lution. Know how hard that beautiful flower actually fights to reproduce itself all over the country, when the going seems near impossible, remember that the toughest plants fight the hardest. We are not in a place to escape this orientation of desire, let’s use it to our benefit. You can move into your personal power, the shamanic place of influence and instant manifestation as a warrior. If you need some words of wisdom, do not ask them from me, step beyond the only ‘you’ that you, step towards the hero and heroine, the destiny will tell the rest, and you will find not only words, but your entire mythos, being written out before you.

Votan Koyote,

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