Where does your medicine come from, have you ever considered to ask this? If it is in pill form, what is inside that magical little capsule, that you are so ritually putting inside your body, and stashing away in your cupboard. The bourgeois state has somehow convinced the unthinking majority that there is something called the ‘War on Drugs’ but what are these drugs, and where did they come from before they were suddenly a problem.


One thing must be set into reality, Nature does not grow drugs, man processes indigenous plant and fungal substances into drugs for his own profit. Your medicine is patented, ours comes from the soil. The Mandan Indians spoke of the medicine as ‘what is good for you’, and I may add what is organic. There is a whole waste of money on the war on drugs, when the medicine might be the actual remedy for that war. 90% of the pharmaceuticals available over the counter have their origins in the Americas, for instance and quite humorously Viagara, and Birth Control; derived from amazonian aphrodisiac plants, and the sweet potato, respectively. How backwards can such a supply and
demand system be? Acreage of pristine forest is robbed for it’s resource, only to selfishly change and manipulate it, because man thinks it is his to control, put on the market and blemish it’s medicine permanently, then follows the carnal exploitation of sexuality through pornography, branding these drugs for ‘enhanced’ performance of the male species, which permits a medicine to be twisted around, and misused, only to catalytically rely on yet another drug, the birth control, again from South America, but somehow this solves the problem of abuse doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter apparently because it brings in profit, and that is sitting on the top of the pyramid.

When is it alright to sell medicine? I would say almost never. Medicine is something that needs to come organically and without force or want. As a gypse it is sometimes necessary to purvey sacred medicines, in exchange for favors or other resources; cannabis, salvia, peyote, flowers, these are an alternative currency when you are on the road, and people who are in line with that understand it as money. In fact, it is more important than money, because it has life. Drugs, do not have life, they take away life. I generally follow an unwritten rule of safe, sane, and simple. If your medicine does not fit within this trine, then you should really question what you are doing. Where is your source, and why are there so many ‘side-effects’. Medicine does not beat around the bush, it is a language, they all have their teachers, if you don’t respect them, you simply won’t get it. And then you will need more because of the inability to surrender. Learn to listen and realize, that the medicine you need does not have a pricetag.

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