Here is a clear and cohere message that you can start to get in line with. In this generation, you are AT.WAR. The fuel of the world is running on Hatred, and you are at war with our own brothers and sisters. It is past the time, when we need to really start cultivating our loyalty to this planet.
Or else there is going to be no Allah, Jesus, sons or daughters. We need to turn away from the All is I, and towards the All is ONE, or the ONE that we have will be a NONE. If you don’t Eyedentify with this, then you are seeing my.me’s Reflection and we are the Same mind as we allWays were to Be. Free to Be. If you don’t start cleaning up all that junk you have inside you, you’re gonna be down with the Indians where you buried them and Crazy Horse will look you dead in the eye, and ask you Why?

We need to turn this War, against a war on pollution, and the real criminals. And you holler about all these Terra-ists trying to save a little for the children, because they want to have a good life, and not swim in a sea of plastic revelry. Super sports and big time movies, stealing from the poor, giving to the rich. Robin Hood is going to come back and teach you a lesson, the Outlaw, is the one in the Law, of Nature. Outside that is your own game of cat and mouse, montagues and capulets, how long do you think that trip is going to last. Walking through a halluci-nation, from cave men to Columbus. Who owns what? Who owns none? One is One, is One is 1.

Red Bloody Urth is your only mother, you better treat her with respect, or she won’t take you back home. We need to cultivate our loyalty for this planet, and stop mining the mind, the way you mine the beauty of what’s left. The children today, are becoming the children of the Apocalypse, and the new mythology is built on human failure. Authority used to watch out for the people, now they’re just watching the people.

Is there other life out there, is there higher intelligence, maybe they could come back and straighten us out. Maybe they could do something for us down here? Maybe there would be an earthship come to take us back, take us back to the human(e). Then would you learn your lesson. Shut down your guns and stop your little games. Our flags have peace runes flying in the wind.


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