Re:wilding Sacred Medicine: Redwoods and Mary Jane

this is the third and fourth injection of the sacred seed project I started over a year ago, of the rewilding of collected seeds throughout the continents. the summa of the project is here Plantman

In thee hills of Ocotitlan, Tepoztlan, 3 seeds of the magical Californian Redwood, and a single specimen of Lady Mary Jane of Christiania, Copenhagen stock have made their way to the sub-terra-nean.10838579_1592691920961016_1398870625_n

The new home.

Somewhere up in these cliffs, the triangulation of the oat-sized redwood seeds have been graciously added to the landscape, watered with my own dna saliva, and in the center, a single seed of our favorite smoking herb. The Ocotitlan hills watch over the rest of the valley of Tepoztlan, magico-pueblo, a UNESCO site. The hike up to the top was done spontaneously and circumnavigated before finding the right place to plant, near to a boulder where one can watch the pink sun set, in the land of Quetzalcoatl.  The Redwood seeds were collected from Dunoon, in Scotland, from which originally I had thousands, believe it or not I was down to 3 before getting to plant them in a suitable mountainous clime. A handful of them (probably 500 seeds) went to a friend to be planted in Slovenia. The others were lost or destroyed during my travels, but 3 remained of which are now waiting in the planetary incubator. They were planeted and dedicated to his the feathered serpent, and to Ometeotl, and the Aztec divinities. These hills are located in the Tepozteco National Park, and only 2km from the Magic Valley.

Here are the first two reports back from the queendom of the plant world.
Hen’s Bane Vinland
Maroc Toloache

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